A Clinical Guide to Chinese Herbs and Formulae

By C. Song Yu and L. Fei
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  • A practical, easy-to-use guide for the busy practitioner or student
  • A glossary explains unfamiliar terms
  • Information in tables - for quick identification of herbs and combination of herbs
  • Illustrated with line diagrams showing where the herbs act on the body
  • The authors teach at China's leading college of TCM
    ISBN 9780443046803
    Author Information By C. Song Yu; and L. Fei
    Table of Content PART 1 a COMPARISON of the ACTIONS and INDICATIONS of SOME COMMON CHINESE HERBS: Herbs that Release the Exterior. Herbs that Clear Heat. Herbs that Purge and Promote Digestion. Herbs that Resolve Phlegm and Stop Coughing and Wheezing. Herbs that Eliminate Wind-Damp. Herbs that Resolve and Drain Dampness. Herbs that Warm the Interior and Regulate Qi. Herbs that Regulate Blood. Herbs that Calm the Mind and the Liver and Extinguish Wind. Tonics. Astringent Herbs PART 2 COMBINATIONS of COMMON CHINESE HERBS: Herbs that Release the Exterior and Stop Cough and Wheeze. Herbs that Clear Heat. Purgative and Digestive Herbs. Herbs that Relieve Bi Syndromes. Herbs that Resolve and Drain Dampness. Herbs that Resolve Phlegm. Herbs that Subdue Wind and Calm the Mind. Tonics and Astringents. Herbs that Warm the Interior and Regulate Qi. Herbs that Activate Blood Circulation and Stop Bleeding PART 3 APPLICATION of HERBS on the BASIS of the DIFFERENTIATION of PATTERNS of the ZANG FU: The Lungs. The Heart. The Spleen, Stomach and Large Intestines. The Liver and Gall Bladder. The Kidneys and Bladder PART 4 COMBINATIONS and COMPARISONS of COMMONLY USED FORMULAE: Formulae for Releasing the Exterior. Purgative Formulae. Formulae for Clearing Heat. Formulae for Warming the Interior. Formulae that Tonify. Formulae that Regulate Qi. Formulae that Regulate Blood. Formulae that Expel Dampness. Formulae that Eliminate Phlegm. Formulae that Expel Wind. Formulae that Calm the Mind. Formulae that Reduce Food Stagnation and Dissipate Masses. Astringent Formulae PART 5 the TREATMENT of COMMOM DISEASE BASED on DIFFERENTIATION of SYNDROMES: Diseases in Internal Medicine. Gynaecological Disorders APPENDICES: Pin Yin Names of Herbs with Latin Equivalents. Latin Names of Herbs with Pin Yin Equivalents. Pin Yin Names of Formulae with English Equivalents. English Names of Formulae with Pin Yin Equivalents. Formulae and Constituent Herbs Index
    Publication Date 01-02-1993
    Pages 304
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