A Practical Guide for Medical Teachers, 6th Edition

Edited by John Dent, MMEd, MD, FHEA, FRCSEd, Ronald M Harden, OBE MD FRCP(Glas) FRCSEd FRCPC and Dan Hunt, MD, MBA
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Highly regarded in the field of medical education, A Practical Guide for Medical Teachers provides accessible, highly readable, and practical information for those involved in basic science and clinical medicine teaching. The fully updated 6th Edition offers valuable insights into today's medical education. Input from global contributors who offer an international perspective and multi-professional approach to topics of interest to all healthcare teachers. With an emphasis on the importance of developing educational skills in the delivery of enthusiastic and effective teaching, it is an essential guide to maximizing teaching performance.

Key Features
  • Offers comprehensive, succinct coverage of curriculum planning and development, assessment, student engagement, and more.
  • Includes 10 new chapters that discuss the international dimension to medical education, clinical reasoning, the roles of teachers, mentoring, burnout and stress, the patient as educator, professional identity, curriculum and teacher evaluation, how students learn, and diversity, equality and individuality.
  • Delivers the knowledge and expertise of more than 40 international contributors.
  • Features helpful boxes highlighting practical tips, quotes, and trends in today's medical education.
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
ISBN 9780702081705
Author Information Edited by John Dent, MMEd, MD, FHEA, FRCSEd, International Liaison Officer, Association of Medical Education in Europe, Dundee, UK ; Ronald M Harden, OBE MD FRCP(Glas) FRCSEd FRCPC, General Secretary, Association of Medical Education in Europe; Former Professor of Medical Education, Director of the Centre for Medical Education and Teaching Dean, University of Dundee; Professor of Medical Education, Al-Imam University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. and Dan Hunt, MD, MBA, Co-Secretary, LCME and Senior Director, Accreditation Services, Association of American Medical Colleges, Washington DC, USA
Published Reviews

"This is an outstanding contribution to the medical education literature which should have significant global appeal."

James A. Hallock, Past President and Chief Executive, Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA

"This marvellous book reminds us that, in the health professions, 'we are all teaching and we are all learning' ".

Brian D. Hodges Professor in the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto.

Table of Content CONTENTS
Foreword, vii
Preface, ix
Contributors, xi
1 The Medical School of the Future, 3
John A Dent, Ronald M Harden and Dan Hunt
2 Curriculum Planning and Development, 7
Mark Edward Quirk and Ronald M Harden
3 The Undergraduate Curriculum, 15
Joel Lanphear and Marie Matte
4 Postgraduate Medical Education: A 'Pipeline' to
Competence, 23
Linda Snell, Jason R Frank and Yousef Marwan
5 Continuing Professional Development, 31
Samar Aboulsoud
6 The Hidden Curriculum, 39
Elizabeth Gaufberg and Fred W Hafferty
7 The International Dimension of Medical
Education, 47
Trevor John Gibbs, Yingzi Huang and David Taylor
8 How Students Learn, 57
Heeyoung Han, C Leslie Smith, Boyung Suh, Frank J Papa and
Dan Hunt
9 Lectures, 65
William B Jeffries III, Kathryn N Huggett and John L Szarek
10 Learning in Small Groups, 73
Dario Torre and Steven J Durning
11 Clinical Teaching, 81
Subha Ramani and John A Dent
12 Learning in Urban and Rural Communities, 91
Roger Peter Strasser, Carol Pearl Herbert and William
Brainerd Ventres
13 Learning in Longitudinal Integrated Clerkships, 101
David A Hirsh, Tara A Singh, Yamini Saravanan and Lucie
Kaye Walters
14 Learning in a Simulated Environment, 109
Roger Kneebone, Debra Nestel and Fernando Bello
15 Independent Learning and Distance Education, 119
John Sandars and Kieran Walsh
16 Outcome-based Education, 129
Eric Holmboe and Ronald M Harden
17 Integrated Learning, 139
Neil Osheroff
18 Interprofessional Education, 147
Jill E Thistlethwaite and Peter H Vlasses
19 Problem-Based Learning, 155
Diana Dolmans, Woei Hung and Janneke M Frambach
20 Team-Based Learning, 163
Dean Parmelee, Irina Overman and Abbas Hyderi
21 Digital Technologies in Medical Education, 171
Rachel H Ellaway
22 Relevance of Foundational Sciences to the
Curriculum, 181
Wojciech Pawlina and Nirusha Lachman
23 Social and Behavioural Sciences in Medical
School Curricula, 189
Jeni Harden
24 Clinical Communication Skills, 197
John R Skelton and Connie Wiskin
25 Ethics, Empathy and Attitudes, 205
Teck Chuan Voo and Jacqueline Chin
26 Professionalism, 213
Helen M O'Sullivan
27 Medical Research (in General) and
Evidence-Based Medicine, 221
Aliki Thomas and Benjamin Chin-Yee
28 Patient Safety and Quality of Care, 229
Linda A Headrick, Douglas E Paull and Kevin B Weiss
29 Medical Humanities, 237
Julie Y Chen and Harry Yi-Jui Wu
30 Integrative Medicine in the Training
of Physicians, 245
Aviad Haramati, Shelley R Adler, Ray Teets and
Ben Kligler
31 Clinical Reasoning, 253
Ralph Pinnock and Steven Durning
32 Medical Education in an Era of Ubiquitous
Information, 261
Johmarx Patton and Chuck P Friedman
33 Concepts in Assessment Including Standard
Setting, 271
John Norcini and Danette W McKinley
34 Written Assessments, 279
Lambert WT Schuwirth and Cees van der Vleuten
35 Performance and Workplace Assessment, 289
Katharine Boursicot
36 Portfolios, Projects and Theses, 297
Erik W Driessen, Sylvia Heeneman and Cees van der Vleuten
37 Feedback, Reflection and Coaching: Tools for
Continuous Learning, 305
Sharon K Krackov, Antoinette S Peters, Henry S Pohl and
Joan M Sargeant
38 The Assessment of Attitudes and
Professionalism, 315
Val J Wass and Amanda Barnard
39 Programmatic Assessment, 323
Cees van der Vleuten, Sylvia Heeneman and Lambert WT
40 The Roles of the Medical Teacher, 335
Ronald M Harden and Pat Lilley
41 The Teacher as a Scholar, 343
Shoaleh Bigdeli and Fakhrosadat Mirhoseini
42 Staff Development, 351
Yvonne Steinert
43 Mentoring, 361
Subha Ramani and Larry Gruppen
44 Burnout, Mistreatment and Stress, 369
Marti Catheryn Balaam and Harriet Harris
45 The Patient as Educator, 377
Gerard Flaherty and Robina Shah
46 Selection of Students and Trainees, 387
Kevin W Eva
47 Students and Trainees in Need of Additional
Support, 395
Rille Pihlak and Susannah Brockbank
48 Student Engagement in the Educational
Programme, 403
Marko Zdravkovic and Jim Determeijer
49 Professional Identity and Career Choice, 409
Roger Ellis and Elaine Hogard
50 Curriculum and Teacher Evaluation, 419
Machelle Linsenmeyer
51 Medical Education Leadership, 429
Judy McKimm and Kirsty Forrest
52 The Medical Teacher and Social
Accountability, 437
Roger Strasser, Charles Boelen, Björg Pálsdóttir,
Andre-Jacques Neusy and James Rourke
53 The Educational Environment, 445
Jonas Nordquist and Ingrid Philibert
54 Medical Education Research, 455
Jennifer A Cleland and Steven J Durning
55 Diversity, Equality and Individuality, 463
Petra Verdonk, Sandra Steffens, Omar Tanay, Marie Mikuteit,
Stephanie Okafor, Konstantin Jendretzky, Francissca Appiah,
Kambiz Afshar and Maaike Muntinga (in collaboration with
KritMeds and Comenius Project Equal Opportunities)
Index, 471
Publication Date 26-07-2021
Pages 480
Trim 235 x 191 (7 1/2 x 9 1/4)
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