Abdominal Imaging E-Book

By Joseph R. Grajo, Dushyant V Sahani, MD and Anthony E Samir, MD, MPH
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Taking a high-yield, "just the essentials" approach, Abdominal Imaging: The Core Requisites helps you establish a foundational understanding of both gastrointestinal and genitourinary imaging during rotations, prepare for the core and certifying exams, and refresh your knowledge of key concepts. This new title solves the "information overload" problem often faced by trainee and practicing radiologists by emphasizing the essential knowledge you need in an easy-to-ready hybrid format of traditional text and bullet points.

ISBN 9780323680622
Table of Content

Section 1. Gastrointestinal Tract

1. Abdominal Radiography

2. GI Fluoroscopy

3. Gastric Wall Thickening/Masses

4. Hollow Viscus Perforation

5. Small Bowel Obstruction

6. Bowel Wall Thickening

7. Imaging of the Postoperative Bowel

8. Mesenteric Ischemia

9. Colorectal Cancer and Screening

10. RUQ Pain

11. RLQ Pain

12. Pancreatitis

13. Solid Pancreatic Masses

14. Cystic Pancreatic Lesions

Section 2. Hepatobiliary

15. Chronic Liver Disease

16. Imaging of the Cirrhotic Liver

17. Benign Focal Liver Lesions

18. Cholecystitis

19. Jaundice

Section 3. Lymphatic System

20. Splenomegaly/Splenic Lesions

21. Lymphadenopathy

Section 4. Genitourinary

22. Urolithiasis

23. Cystic Renal Masses

24. Solid Renal Lesions

25. Diffuse Renal Parenchymal Disorders

26. Urinary Tract Obstruction

27. Urothelial Lesions

28. Adrenal Gland Enlargement and Nodules

Section 5. Reproductive System

29. Prostate Imaging

30. Testicular Lesions

31. Endometrial/Junctinonal Zone Thickening

32. Focal Uterine Lesions

33. Cystic Adnexal Lesions

34. Solid Adnexal Lesions

35. Mullerian Abnormalities

36. Pelvic Floor Disease

Section 6. Miscellaneous

37. Postoperative Imaging

38. Abdominal/Pelvic Trauma

39. Pitfalls

Publication Date 11-03-2021
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