Acupuncture Point Combinations

By Jeremy Ross
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  • covers core knowledge of acupuncture practice so will be of use to students as well as qualified practitioners
  • wide coverage, from principles to their application in specific diseases -- enabling acupuncturists to practice more effectively across a broad range of clinical situations and be able to treat more clients successfully
  • organised on 3 levels so that it can be used by people with only the most basic of knowledge (including those who are completely new to acupuncture) as well as those who want to broaden their knowledge and clinical practice, and full-time students and practitioners of acupuncture
  • includes suggested point combinations for specific diseases
  • has a clear format, easy-to-use checklist, and good references
  • includes handy summary tables
  • written by an author who lectures widely on the subject and is therefore very much in touch with what acupuncturists need to know
    ISBN 9780443050060
    Author Information By Jeremy Ross, Doctor of Acupuncture, CAc (Nanjing), BSc, CEd, MNIMH, TCM, Director, Swedish Institute for Alternative Medicine, Stockholm, Sweden; Acupuncturist in Private Practice, Seattle, USA
    Table of Content PART I: THEORETICAL PRINCIPLES of POINT COMBINATION Introduction. The Energy Body and the Energy Centres. The Origins of Diseases. The Ten Personality Types. Maintainingthe Balance of Yin and Yang. Deficiency, Excess, Stagnation and Irregularity. How to Make Effective Combinations. Types of Points. Five Element Treatments. Eight Extra Vessels PART II: POINT COMBINATIONS for the MAIN ACUPUNCTURE POINTS Conception. Governor. Kidney. Bladder. Spleen. Stomach. Liver. Gallbladder. Heart. Small Intestine. Lung. Large Intestine. Pericardium. Triple Energizer PART III: POINT COMBINATIONS for DISEASES Respiratory Systems. Circulatory and Related Syndromes. Locomotory Syndromes. Digestive Syndromes. Urinary and Oedema Syndromes. Male Sexual Syndromes. Gynaecological and Obstetric Syndromes. Eye, Ear and Facial Syndromes. Skin Syndromes. Psychological and Related Syndromes Appendix. Index
    Publication Date 04-05-1995
    Pages 504
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