ADHD Complex

By Harlan Gephart
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ADHD Complex: Practicing Mental Health in Primary Care, written by Dr. Harlan Gephart, provides a comprehensive review of key subjects of importance for primary care and family practitioners to help them better assess, diagnose, treat, and manage patient populations with ADHD. Dr. Gephart, Emeritus Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at University of Washington, has used his many years of experience and practice with this patient population to put together this helpful guide.

Key Features
  • Rating scales, questionnaires, and behavior checklists
  • Identifying, screening, diagnosing, and treating learning problems in children and adolescents
  • General principles of multi-modality treatments
  • ADHD with coexistent psychiatric and behavioral disorders
  • Resources for clinicians, parents, and patients
ISBN 9780323643047
Author Information By Harlan Gephart, Professor, University of Washington, Department of Pediatrics; Seattle, Washingto, United States
Table of Content 1. Rating Scales, Questionnaires, and Behavior Checklists
2. Learning Problems in Children and Adolescents
3. Identifying, Screening, and Diagnosing Uncomplicated ADHD
4. General Principals of Multi-Modality Treatments for Children and Adolescents with Uncomplicated ADHD
5. Age and Gender Differences in ADHD Presentation
6. ADHD Transitioning to Adulthood
7. ADHD Accompanying Other Disorders
8. Enhancing Resilience in a Child with ADHD
9. Anxiety Disorders Secondary or Coexistent with ADHD
10. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
11.  PANDAS/PANS Syndromes:  What are They and How are They Diagnosed and Treated?
12.  Depressive Mood Disorders Secondary or Coexistent with ADHD: Diagnosis and Treatment
13.  Distinguishing ADHD from Juvenile Bipolar Disorder and Psychosis
14.  Behavior Disorders Associated or Coexistent with ADHD
15.  Medications for ADHD
16.  Medications for Other non-ADHD Mental Health Conditions in Children and Adolescents
17.  Office Practice Recommendations for Primary Care Management of Mental Health Issues in Children and Adolescents
18. ADHD Resources for Clinicians, Parents, and Patients
Publication Date 08-10-2018
Pages 138
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