Adolescent Health Screening: An Update in the Age of Big Data

Edited by Vincent Morelli, MD
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In this comprehensive look at adolescent screening and holistic health in the technology age, Dr. Vincent Morelli reviews the history of the adolescent health screen, what is being used now, and what needs to be considered in the future. An ideal resource for primary care physicians, pediatricians, and others in health care who work with adolescents, it consolidates today's available information on this timely topic into a single convenient resource.

Key Features
  • Covers the history of the adolescent medical history and the need for an update of the biopsychosocial model, which has not significantly changed since 1977.
  • Discusses nutrition screening, sleep screening, exercise screening, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) screening, educational screening, behavioral and emotional screening, and more.
  • Presents the knowledge and experience of leading experts who have assembled the most up-to-date recommendations for adolescent health screening.
  • Explores today's knowledge of health screening and discusses future directions to ensure healthy habits in adolescents, including education and self-efficacy.
ISBN 9780323661300
Author Informaiton Edited by Vincent Morelli, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine, School of Medicine, Sports Medicine Fellowship Director, Meharry Medical College Nashville, TN
Table of Content 1 Adolescent Health Screening: Toward
A More Holistic Approach
2 Holistic Health Screening
3 Dietary Screening-Questioning
Adolescent Dietary Trends and
Providing Evidence-Based Dietary
4 Obesity Screening in Adolescents
5 Sleep Disorders
6 Adolescent Exercise Screening
7 ACES: Screening for Adverse
Childhood Experiences
8 Adolescent Educational Assessment:
Risk Factors Associated With
Academic Achievement and Indicators
of Learning Challenges
9 Screening Adolescents for ADHD
Oppositional Defiant Disorder, and
Conduct Disorder in Primary Care
10 Screening for Violent Tendencies in
11 Depression and Suicide Screening
12 Screening for Body Image Concerns
Eating Disorders, and Sexual Abuse in
Adolescents: Concurrent Assessment
to Support Early Intervention and
Preventative Treatment
13 Addressing Substance Use with the
Adolescent in Primary Care: the SBIRT
14 Screening for Leading Indicators of
Juvenile Delinquency
15 Screening for Resilience in
16 Spiritual Screening in Adolescents
17 Screening for Strengths and Assets in
18 Screening for Screen Time
19 Putting It All Together: A Role for Big
Data in Health and Adolescent Health
Publication Date 10-05-2019
Pages 264
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