Advanced Epidemiologic Methods for the Study of Rheumatic Diseases, An Issue of Rheumatic Disease Clinics of North America

By Sindhu Johnson, MD, PhD
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This issue of Rheumatic Disease Clinics, guest edited by Dr. Sindhu Johnson, will cover Advances in Epidemiologic Methods to Study Rheumatic Diseases. This unique volume will discuss the following topics, among others: Minimal clinically important difference (MCID) for outcome measures, Alternative longitudinal study designs, Propensity score methods for observational data, Approaches to deal with missing data, Applied Bayesian Methods in Rheumatology, Qualitative methods, Similarity Network Fusion, Systematic reviews/meta-analysis and randomized trials, and Integrated analysis of data obtained in various reading campaigns of images.
ISBN 9780323610513
Product Format Ebook
Publication Date 2018
Author Information By Sindhu Johnson, MD, PhD, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Table of Content

Foreword: The Brave New World of Rheumatic Disease Research Today

Preface: Advanced Epidemiologic Methods for the Study of Rheumatic and Musculoskeletal Diseases

Minimal Clinically Important Difference: A Review of Outcome Measure Score Interpretation

Alternative Design and Analytical Techniques for Longitudinal Rheumatology Studies: Improved Understanding of Outcomes

Propensity Score Methods for Bias Reduction in Observational Studies of Treatment Effect

US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey Arthritis Initiatives, Methodologies and Data

Qualitative Methods to Advance Care, Diagnosis, and Therapy in Rheumatic Diseases

Similarity Network Fusion: A Novel Application to Making Clinical Diagnoses

Randomized Trials, Meta-Analyses, and Systematic Reviews: Using Examples

from Rheumatology

"Big Data" in Rheumatology: Intelligent Data Modeling Improves the Quality of Imaging Data

Strategies for Dealing with Missing Accelerometer Data

Use of Administrative Databases to Assess Reproductive Health Issues in Rheumatic Diseases

Measuring Patient Preferences: An Overview of Methods with a Focus on Discrete Choice Experiments

Cluster and Multiple Correspondence Analyses in Rheumatology: Paths to Uncovering Relationships in a Sea of Data

Applied Bayesian Methods in the Rheumatic Diseases


Publication Date 21-04-2018
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