Advances in Molecular Pathology, 2018

Edited by Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD, HCLD, CC, FNACB
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This inaugural issue of Advances in Molecular Pathology will provide a comprehensive review of the most current practices, trends, and developments in the field of Molecular Pathology. Publishing on an annual basis, the volume will be divided into 7 sections: Genetics, Hematopathology, Infectious Disease, Pharmacogenomics, Informatics, Solid tumors, and Identity/HLA. Led by Dr. Gregory Tsongalis of Dartmouth University, a team of experienced pathologists from institutions across the country oversee annual topic and expert author selection. Topics discussed in this volume include, but are not limited to: whole genome sequencing in critically ill children, bioinformatics in clinical genomic sequencing, comprehensive monitoring of patients with chronic myeloid leukemia, genetic biomarkers in the biology and clinical workup of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, metagenomics in infectious disease, point of care molecular testing, pharmacogenomics in oncology, clinical uses of panel testing vs. single gene testing, large scale data sharing initiatives in genomic oncology, clinical NGS assays for solid tumors emerging concepts in liquid biopsy the cell line and tissue misidentification problem, and cell line detective work.
ISBN 9780323639651
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Publication Date 2018
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Edited by Gregory J. Tsongalis, PhD, HCLD, CC, FNACB, Professor, Vice Chair for Research, and Director of the Laboratory for Clinical Genomics and Advanced Technologies, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Dartmouth Hitchcock Health System and the Audrey and Theodor Geisel School of Medicine, Lebanon, NH, USA

Table of Content


1. Coming Up to Speed on Whole Genome Sequencing in Critically Ill Children

2. Bioinformatics in Clinical Genomic Sequencing

3. The clinical application of RNA sequencing in genetic diagnosis of Mendelian disorders


4. The clinical and laboratory features of clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential (CHIP)

5. Comprehensive Monitoring of Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

6. Genomic Biomarkers in Pathogenesis and Clinical Care of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)


7. Molecular Monitoring of Viral Infections

8. The Current State of Metagenomics in Infectious Disease

9. Replacement of Culture with Molecular Testing for Diagnosis Infectious Diseases

10. Syndromic and point of care molecular testing


11. Applications of Pharmacogenomics in Oncology

12. Building Evidence for Clinical Use of Pharmacogenomics and Reimbursement for Testing


13. Large scale data sharing initiatives in genomic oncology

14. Advances in Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics for Clinical Diagnostics: Taking Precision Oncology to the Next Level


15. Clinical NGS Assays for Solid Tumors: Current Practices, Technological Advances and Challenges in Clinical Practice

16. Emerging Concepts in Liquid Biopsy

17. Therapy Implications of DNA Mismatch Repair Deficiency, Microsatellite Instability, and Tumor Mutation Burden


18. Tackling the Human Cell Line and Tissue Misidentification Problem is Needed for Reproducible Biomedical Research

19. Cell Line Detective Work: Basic Principles and Molecular Applications

20. Challenges and Advances in the Development of Cell Lines and Xenografts

21. Historical and Current Methods for Detecting Inter- and Intra-species Cell Mixtures and Thereby Assuring Cell Line Purity

Publication Date 25-10-2018
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