Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Review

By Meghan Hupp, MD
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Using a unique outline format, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Review is both a concise guide for board preparation and a practical quick reference for both residents and practitioners. It covers the major organ systems and subspecialty areas you'll encounter on the certification and recertification exam, including well-established correlations with contemporary molecular and genomic medicine. This comprehensive, easy-to-use review by Dr. Meghan M. Hupp provides the information you need to confidently recognize and accurately diagnose diseases and interpret what you see under the microscope and in the laboratory. 
ISBN 9780323871136
Author Information By Meghan Hupp, MD, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, University of Minnesota School of Medicine, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Table of Content

1. General pathology - mechanistic approach to pathology, general pathobiology, amyloidosis, congenital syndromes, tumor genetics, microscopy tutorial

2. General anatomic pathology - PD-1 and PD-L1, neoplasms of unknown origin, normal immunophenotypes, special stains, rosettes and pseudorosettes, giant cell types, small round blue cell tumors, gross pathology

3. Breast pathology - basic pathology, gene expression profiles, ductal neoplasia, lobular neoplasia, columnar lessions, papillary lesions, other malignant tumors, radiologically suspicious lesions, benign breast pathology, fibrous and fibroepithelial lesions, treatment, molecular/cytogenetics, images and charts

4. Dermatopathology - definitions and associations, congenital/inherited conditions, inflammatory patterns, hair loss, infectious, lichen/lichenoid lesions, blistering disorders, vascular disorders and vasculitis, other inflammatory conditions, follicular/adnexal neoplasms, squamous and warty lesions, pigmented lesions, vascular neoplasms, hematolymphoid neoplasms, miscellaneous neoplasms

5. Gynecologic pathology - vagina and vulva, non-neoplastic cervix, neoplastic cervix, non-neoplastic uterus, endometrial hyperplasia and atypia, endometrial carcinoma, uterine mesenchymal tumors, ovarian surface epithelial neoplasms, ovarian sex cord-stromal neoplasms, ovarian germ cell tumors

6. Placentas and products of conception - products of conception and normal anatomy/physiology, molar pregnancies, placental infections/inflammation, gestational trophoblastic disease, placental neoplasms

7. Pediatric pathology - metabolic disorders, pediatric renal neoplasms, pediatric gastrointestinal, soft tissue neoplasms, genitourinary, neural and musculoskeletal

8. Gastrointestinal (and pancreas) pathology - syndromes, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, colon and rectum, appendix, anus, pancreas, gallbladder and biliary trees, GI lymphomas

9. Liver pathology - basic medical liver, laboratory values, hepatitis disorders, cholestatic disorders, vascular, transplant, congenital, benign neoplasms, malignant neoplasms

10. Genitourinary pathology - prostate normal histology and anatomy, adenocarcinoma and mimickers, non-neoplastic testis, testicular germ cell neoplasms, testicular sex cord-stromal neoplasms, adrenal pathology, bladder anatomy and histology, urothelial neoplasms, other bladder neoplasms, non-neoplastic bladder, penile pathology, non-neoplastic kidney, renal-cell carcinoma and related neoplasms, other neoplasms

11. Medical renal - donor kidney evaluation, glomerular disease, tubulointerstitial and vascular disease, congenital syndromes and lesions, transplant pathology

12. Forensics pathology - introduction, toxicology and chemistry, sharp and blunt force injuries, asphyxia, pathology of child abuse deaths, sleep related deaths and airway obstruction

13. Lung and cardiac pathology - non-neoplastic lung (medical and transplant), neoplastic lung (benign and malignant), lung odds and ends, cardiac pathology

14. Head and neck pathology - normal salivary gland, neoplastic salivary gland, normal sinonasal, neoplastic sinonasal, oropharyngeal and laryngeal squamous neoplasia, thyroid, mandibular/maxillary lesions

15. Neuropathology - anatomy and physiology, glial tumors, neurocytic tumors, glioneuronal tumors, pineal tumors, pediatric tumors, pathologic reactions of the nervous system, CNS vascular disease, myelin diseases, trauma, dementias and movement disorders, infections

16. Soft tissue pathology - adipocytic lesions, neural lesions, smooth muscle lesions, skeletal muscle lesions, fibrohistiocytic lesions, osteoblastic lesions, cartilaginous lesions, vascular lesions, unknown origin, other neoplasms, small round blue cell tumors, non-neoplastic, genetics

17. Cytopathology - basics, gynecologic, head and neck, lung and mediastinum, thyroid, pancreas, urine, body fluids, CSF, infectious, lab management, molecular, breast, liver

18. Chemistry and lab management - protein electrophoresis, cardiac biomarkers, electrolytes, liver and renal function tests, tumor markers, vitamins, endocrine, lipids, reproduction and fertility, cryoglobulins, pleural effusions, toxicology, clinical lab improvement act (CLIA) '88, lab automation and instrument selection, method validation, pediatric lab medicine, metrics, directing a clinical laboratory, equations

19. Genetics in pathology - basic molecular and cellular biology, methods, human genetic variation, tumor syndromes, hematolymphoid neoplasms, solid tumors, hereditary non-neoplastic disease, pharmacogenetics

20. Immunology - cellular basis of immunology, autoimmune clinical syndromes, immunodeficiency disorders, other clinical syndromes/disorders, human leukocyte antigen system

21. Coagulation - coagulation cascade, anticoagulants, coagulation assays, disorders of primary hemostasis, von Willebrand disease, heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, factor testing, thrombophilia

22. Transfusion medicine - laboratory methods, blood products, antigens and antibodies, apheresis, transfusion reactions, transfusion-related coagulation topics, donor selection

23. Hematopathology - evaluating bone marrow, immunophenotypes, flow cytometry, inherited WBC disorders, erythrocyte abnormalities, reactive lymphadenopathy, hematolymphoid manifestations of systemic disease, infectious, histiocytic/functional disorders, myeloproliferative neoplasms, mastocytosis, myelodysplastic syndromes, MDS/MPN, acute myeloid leukemia, B cell chronic lymphoproliferative neoplasms, Hodgkin lymphoma, plasma cell neoplasms, T and NK cell chronic lymphoproliferative neoplasms, lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma (B and T cell), genetics, pitfalls

24. Microbiology - basics, materials and methods, bioterrorism, bacterial identification algorithms, bacterial metabolism, gram positive, gram negative, mycobacteria, weirdo bacteria, bacterial clinical syndromes, fungi basics, superficial fungi, endemic fungi, opportunistic fungi, protozoa, helminths, trematodes, cestodes, nematodes, vectors, RNA viruses, DNA viruses, antibiotic mechanisms of action, mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance, MALDI-TOF-MS

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