Arthritis in Black and White, 3rd Edition

By Anne C. Brower, MD and Donald J. Flemming, MD, CDR, MC, USNR
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  • The text has been revised and updated throughout, including new illustrations that more clearly demonstrate key concepts.
  • The opening chapter, Imaging, has been expanded to include MR imaging for arthritis.
  • A new chapter on The Approach to the Foot has been added to Section I. OUTSTANDING FEATURES:
  • Content features more radiographs than words: readers are able to see radiographic changes rather than simply reading about them.
  • Coverage addresses numerous areas of concern to the practitioner, including: primary, secondary, and erosive osteoarthritis of the hand, foot, wrist, hip and knee, rheumatoid arthritis, Reiter's disease as it relates to sacroiliac joints and other extra-axial joints, and radiographic changes of the hip, including pigmented villonodular synovitis.

    Arthritis in Black and White, by Anne C. Brower, MD and Donald J. Flemming, MD, provides you with a concise, practical introduction to the radiographic diagnosis of arthritic disorders. Completely revised, this popular, easy-to-read resource contains high-quality digital radiographs with correlating MRIs throughout and a practical organization that aids in your recognition, diagnosis, and treatment of common arthritides. In print and online at, it is perfect for residents in training and experienced radiologists wishing to refresh their knowledge.

    Key Features
    • Easily reference diagnostic guidance by presenting symptom, see what to look for, and understand how to effectively diagnose the patient.

    Reference key information quickly and easily thanks to a consistent, user-friendly format and a unique two-part organization (radiologic approaches to specific joints and full description of the individual common arthritides) that facilitates finding the exact information you need for any joint in the body.

    ISBN 9781416055952
    Author Information By Anne C. Brower, MD, Professor and Chair of Radiology, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, Virginia and Donald J. Flemming, MD, CDR, MC, USNR, Vice Chair for Education and Residency Director, Associate Professor of Radiology, G. Victor Rohrer Professor of Radiology Education, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, Pennsylvania
    Published Reviews

    'The authors have done an excellent job of highlighting the important hallmarks of a particular disease in the pictures.The fact that the book is basic and simple is one of its best aspects. The illustrations and picture quality are excellent, making this useful as an easy guide for day-to-day practice.' - Jisna R Paul, MD(Washington University Medical Center) Doody 4 star rating!

    Table of Content

    1. Imaging Techniques and Modalities

    Part I: Approach to Radiographic Changes Observed in a Specific Joint.

    2. Evaluation of the Hand Film.

    3. Approach to the Foot

    4. Approach to the Hip.

    5. Approach to the Knee.

    6. Approach to the Shoulder.

    7. The Sacroiliac Joint.

    8. The "Phytes" of the Spine.

    Part II: Radiographic Changes Observed in a Specific Articular Disease.

    9. Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    10. Psoriatic Arthritis.

    11. Reactive Arthritis.

    12. Ankylosing Spondylitis.

    13. Osteoarthritis

    14. Neuropathic Osteoarthropaty.

    15. Diffuse Isiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis.

    16. Gout.

    17. Calcium Pyrophospate Dihydrate Crystal Deposition Disease.

    18. Hydroxyapatite Deposition Disease.

    19. Miscellaneous Deposition Diseases.

    20. Collagen Vascular Diseases (Connective Tissue Diseases).

    21. Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

    22. Hemophilia.

    23. Mass-like Arthropathies.

    Publication Date 29-03-2012
    Pages 402
    Trim 276 x 216 (8 1/2 x 10 7/8)
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