Atlas of Surface Palpation , 3rd Edition

By Serge Tixa
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  • Highly visual as each structure studied is illustrated with a photograph
  • Each photograph is accompanied by a section of text describing the method of approach
  • Includes reminders on attachments, actions and innervations
  • Clinical notes to aid clinical diagnoses

    Serge Tixa presents in this highly popular book a method of palpatory anatomy called Manual Exploration of Surface Anatomy (MESA). MESA locates anatomical structures important to clinical examination allowing careful selection of the most appropriate manual therapy technique or manoeuvre.

    The new edition presents precisely and visually the various anatomical structures with the help of more than 130 colour illustrations and close to 900 black and white photographs. For every photograph showing an anatomical structure accessible to palpation, a model whose physique shows the structure clearly has been chosen. Each chapter has up to four subsections, treating the various aspects of each body region. These cover osteology, myology (musculotendinous structures), arthrology (joints and ligaments) and lastly nerves and blood vessels.

    Each photograph is carefully presented and accompanied by a section of text describing the method of approach to finding the structure concerned. Whenever necessary, reminders, essential for the proper use of the methods of approach (attachments, actions and innervations) are included. Clinical notes highlight the link between palpation and clinical diagnoses.

    Atlas of Surface Palpation: Anatomy of the Neck, Trunk, Upper and Lower Limbs is aimed at students and practitioners who need a method of applied anatomy in their practice.

    Key Features
    • All new artwork programme enhances accessibility and learning
    • Useful template approach aids ready understanding and allows the reader to go at his or her own speed
    • Presents almost 600 photographs and line artworks to render the learning experience as easy as possible
    • Contains over 160 pull out boxes to act as useful aide memoires
    • Clinical Hints and Tips boxes indicate points of relevance for the clinic
    ISBN 9780702062254
    Author Information By Serge Tixa, Instructor of Anatomy & Palpatory Anatomy, Swiss School of Osteopathy, Lausanne, Switzerland Formador de profesionales de la salud; professor de anatomía en la École Suisse d'Ostéopathie de Lausana Cadre de santé, professeur d'anatomie et d'anatomie palpatoire dans plusieurs écoles d´ostéopathie en France et en Europe, formateur auprès des professionnels de santé.
    Table of Content

    1. Neck

    2. Trunk and Sacrum

    3. Shoulder

    4. Arm

    5. Elbow

    6. Forearm

    7. Wrist and Hand

    8: Hip

    9: Thigh

    10: Knee

    11. Leg

    12: Foot and Ankle

    Publication Date 02-12-2015
    Pages 541
    Trim 210w x 270h mm
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