Aulton's Pharmaceutics E-Book , 4th Edition

By Michael E. Aulton and Kevin M.G. Taylor, BPharm PhD FAAPS FRPharmS
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  • provides a logical, comprehensive account of drug design and manufacture
  • includes the science of formulation and drug delivery
  • designed and written for newcomers to the design of dosage forms

Pharmaceutics is one of the most diverse subject areas in all of pharmaceutical science. In brief, it is concerned with the scientific and technological aspects of the design and manufacture of dosage forms or medicines. An understanding of pharmaceutics is therefore vital for all pharmacists and those pharmaceutical scientists who are involved with converting a drug or a potential drug into a medicine that can be delivered safely, effectively and conveniently to the patient.

Now in its fourth edition, this best-selling textbook in pharmaceutics has been brought completely up to date to reflect the rapid advances in delivery methodologies by eye and injection, advances in drug formulations and delivery methods for special groups (such as children and the elderly), nanomedicine, and pharmacognosy. At the same time the editors have striven to maintain the accessibility of the text for students of pharmacy, preserving the balance between being a suitably pitched introductory text and a clear reflection of the state of the art.

New to this edition

  • New editor: Kevin Taylor, Professor of Clinical Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, University of London.
  • Twenty-two new contributors.
  • Six new chapters covering parenteral and ocular delivery; design and administration of medicines for the children and elderly; the latest in plant medicines; nanotechnology and nanomedicines, and the delivery of biopharmaceuticals.
  • Thoroughly revised and updated throughout.


Key Features
  • provides a logical, comprehensive account of drug design and manufacture
  • includes the science of formulation and drug delivery
  • designed and written for newcomers to the design of dosage forms
ISBN 9780702053931
Author Information By Michael E. Aulton and Kevin M.G. Taylor, BPharm PhD FAAPS FRPharmS, Professor of Clinical Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, University of London, London, UK
Published Reviews

 From customer reviews of the previous edition

'For all the pharmacy students out there part of your pharmacy degree will be to study formulation design and pharmaceutics. This is the holy grail of pharmaceutical technology books. The text reads well and introduces difficult concepts in a more easy-to-understand way. It is definitely worth the money to help you get through the module, If you are doing a research project in pharmaceutical design then this would also be an excellent buy.'

'In my pharmacy degree I have to do a Physiochemical Principles of Pharmacy module which is about drug forms/dosage etc. and this book really helps and is really well laid out and easy to understand. Definitely a book I would recommend to any pharmacy student and my lecturer says it's a book needed for nearly the whole degree so means it's not another book you'll use once and then wonder why you spent so much on it.'

'This book is on most reading lists for a UK Pharmacy Degree (MPharm). It is great for the Pharmaceutics aspect of the course. It is easy to read, with good diagrams and pictures to help explain concepts well. It is probably one of the easiest reads for Pharmaceutics textbooks. It is also helpful when writing lab reports and assignments and is a good reference source.'

'This book has been a great help to me. I have found it very useful for pharmacy.'

Table of Content

What is 'pharmaceutics'? 0

1. Design of dosage forms 0

Peter York

PART 1: Scientific principles of dosage form design

2. Dissolution and solubility 00

Michael E. Aulton

3. Properties of solutions 00

Michael E. Aulton

4. Surfaces and interfaces 00

Graham Buckton

5. Disperse systems 00

David Attwood

6. Rheology

Christopher Marriot

7. Kinetics 00

W. John Pugh

PART 2: Particle science and powder technology 00

8. Solid-state properties 00

Graham Buckton

9. Particle size analysis 00

J.N. Staniforth, Kevin M.G. Taylor

10. Particle size reduction and size separation 00

Michael E. Aulton, J.N. Staniforth

11. Mixing 00

Andrew M. Twitchell

12. Powder flow 00

Michael E. Aulton

PART 3: Pharmaceutical microbiology and sterilization 00

13. Fundamentals of microbiology 00

Geoffrey W. Hanlon

14. Pharmaceutical applications of microbiological techniques 00

Norman A. Hodges

15. Action of physical and chemical agents on microorganisms 00

Geoffrey W. Hanlon, Norman A. Hodges

16. Principles of sterilization 00

Susannah E. Walsh, Jean-Yves Maillard

17. Sterilization in practice 00

Jean-Yves. Maillard, Susannah E. Walsh

PART 4: Biopharmaceutical principles of drug delivery 000

18. Introduction to biopharmaceutics 000

Marianne Ashford

19. Gastrointestinal tract - physiology and drug absorption 000

Marianne Ashford

20. Bioavailability - physicochemical and dosage form factors 000

Marianne Ashford

21. Assessment of biopharmaceutical properties 000

Marianne Ashford

22. Dosage regimens 000

John H. Collett, Soraya Dhillon

PART 5: Dosage form design and manufacture 000

23. Pharmaceutical preformulation 000

Simon Gaisford

24. Solutions 000

Sudaxshina Murdan

25. Clarification 000

Andrew M. Twitchell

26. Suspensions 000

Susan A. Barker

27. Emulsions and Creams 000

Gillian M.Eccleston

28. Powders, granules and granulation 000

Michael E. Aulton, Malcolm P. Summers`

29. Drying 000

Michael E. Aulton

30. Tablets and compaction 000

Göran Alderborn

31. Modified-release oral drug delivery 000

Abdul W. Basit, Emma L. McConnell

32. Coating of tablets and multiparticulates 000

Stuart C. Porter

33. Hard capsules 000

Brian E. Jones

34. Soft capsules 000

Keith G. Hutchison, Josephine Ferdinando

35 Dissolution testing of solid dosage forms

Abdul W. Basit, Ana Cristina Freire

36 Parenteral drug delivery

Robert Lowe

37. Pulmonary drug delivery 000

Kevin M. G. Taylor

38. Nasal drug delivery 000

Gary P. Martin, Alison B. Lansley

39. Topical and transdermal drug delivery 000

Adrian C. Williams

40. Wound dressings 000

Gillian M. Eccleston

41. Ocular drug delivery 000

Hala Fadda, Ashkan Khalili, Peng T. Khaw, Steve Brocchini

42. Rectal and vaginal drug delivery 000

Joseph J. Tukker, Sanjay Garg

43. Design and administration of medicines for children and the elderly 000

Catherine Tuleu, David Wright

44. The formulation and manufacture of plant medicines 000

G. Brian Lockwood

45. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology and nanomedicines 000

Yvonne Perrie

46. Delivery of biopharmaceuticals 000

Ijeoma F. Uchegbu, A. G. Shätzlein


47. Packaging 000

Sudaxshina Murdan

48. Chemical stability in dosage forms 000

Andrew R. Barnes

49. Product stability and stability testing 000

Michael E. Aulton

50. Microbial contamination, spoilage and preservation of medicines 000

Norman A. Hodges

Publication Date 29-07-2013
Pages 728
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