Oncoplastic Surgery of the Breast, 2nd Edition

By Maurice Y Nahabedian, MD, FACS
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The dynamic field of oncoplastic breast surgery seeks to combine the goals of both oncology and plastic surgery, utilizing recent innovations and new techniques to provide patients with the best possible outcomes. Oncoplastic Surgery of the Breast, 2nd Edition, offers fully revised content, new expert contributors, and up-to-date instructional videos to keep you current with today's best approaches to aesthetic closure of the breast after tumor removal. International authorities in breast and plastic surgery cover everything from indications and patient selection to the techniques and allied issues related to breast tumor surgery, including oncoplastic reduction, mammaplasty, mastectomy with nipple areolar preservation, perforator flaps, and effects of radiation therapy, as well as complications and controversies.

Key Features
  • Contains sections on Getting Started, Surgical Techniques, and Outcomes, written by authors who have made significant contributions to the field.
  • Includes new instructional videos of step-by-step procedures narrated in real time. Procedures include thoraco-dorsal artery perforator flap (TDAP flap), oncoplastic breast augmentation technique, split reduction with intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT), and more.
  • Offers clear visual guidance with hundreds of full-color clinical photographs and line drawings.
  • Includes all-new chapters and fully updated content on breast augmentation technique (bi-planar approach to oncoplasty), the breast surgeon's approach to oncoplastic breast surgery, extreme oncoplasty, local recurrence and survival following oncoplastic breast surgery, lipofilling and oncoplasty, the plastic surgeon's approach to oncoplastic breast surgery, local and free flap techniques, and surveillance and imaging following oncoplastic breast surgery.
  • Follows a consistent chapter format with summary information highlighted in key point boxes and clinical pearls for quick and easy access.
  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
ISBN 9780702076800
Author Information By Maurice Y Nahabedian, MD, FACS, Georgetown University Hospital, Department of Plastic Surgery, Washington, DC
Table of Content

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Getting Started

1. Introduction to Oncoplastic Surgery

Maurice Y. Nahabedian

2. Safety and Oncologic Considerations of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Grant Walter Carlson and Peter William Thompson

3. Indications and Patient Selection for Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Kirsten Edmiston

4. Oncoplasty versus Mastectomy: Decisions and Outcomes

Costanza Cocilovo

5. Breast Surgeon's Approach to Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Juliann Marie Reiland

6. Plastic Surgeon's Approach to Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Maurice Y. Nahabedian

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Surgical Techniques

7. Overview of Volume Displacement and Replacement Techniques

Alex Mesbahi

8. Reduction Mammaplasty Techniques

Mark Venturi

9. Mastopexy Techniques

Steve Kronowitz

10. Local Flap Techniques

Jaume Masia, Jordi Riba Vílchez and Gemma Pons

11. Free Flap Techniques

Moustapha Hamdi and Randy De Baerdemaeker

12. Breast Augmentation Technique (biplanar)

Yoav Barnea

13. Oncoplastic Breast Reconstruction Using A 3-Dimensional Absorbent Coil

Maurice Y. Nahabedian

14. Lipofilling and Oncoplasty

Alexandre Mendonça Munhoz

15. Extreme Oncoplasty

Mel Silverstein, Nirav B. Savalia and Sadia Khan

16. Oncoplastic Variations Based on Tumor Location

Albert Losken

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery - Outcomes

17. Complications of Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Hani Sbitany

18. Local Recurrence and Reconstructive Options Following Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Jian Farhadi and Rachel Rolph

19. Surveillance and Imaging following Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Toni Storm-Dickerson and Allen Gabriel

20. Radiation Therapy Considerations and Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Kenneth L. Fan and Maurice Y. Nahabedian

21. Patient Satisfaction and Outcomes following Oncoplastic Breast Surgery

Tammy Ju, Christine Teal and Bridget Oppong

Publication Date 24-10-2019
Pages 198
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