Computed Tomography, 5th Edition

By Euclid Seeram, RT(R), BSc, MSc, FCAMRT
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ISBN 9780323790635
Author Information By Euclid Seeram, RT(R), BSc, MSc, FCAMRT, Medical Imaging, Advanced Studies, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Table of Content

Chapter 1: CT-An Overview

Chapter 2: Digital Image Processing

Chapter 3: Physical Principles of CT

Chapter 4: Data Acquisition

Chapter 5: Image Reconstruction Overview

Chapter 6: Iterative Reconstruction Basics

Chapter 7: Basic Instrumentation

Chapter 8: Image Post Processing and Visualization tools

Chapter 9: Image Quality

Chapter 10: Radiation Dose in Computed tomography

NEW CHAPTER: Chapter 11: Radiation Awareness and Safety Campaigns in CT

Chapter 11: Multi Slice CT-Physical Principles and Instrumentation

Chapter 12-Other Technical Applications in CT-Basic Principles

Chapter 13: 3-Dimensional CT-Basic Concepts

Chapter 14: PET/CT and SPECT/CT

NEW CHAPTER 15: Patient Care Considerations

Chapter 16: CT of the Head, Cerebral Vessels, Neck and Spine

Chapter 17: CT of the

Chapter 18: Pediatric CT

NEW CHAPTER 19: Cardiac CT: Physical Principles and Clinical Applications

NEW CHAPTER 20: Artificial Intelligence-Applications in CT

Chapter 21: Quality Control in CT


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Publication Date 01-09-2022
Pages 586
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