The Ankle and Foot

By Steven D. Waldman, MD, JD
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Here is the perfect text you need to provide your learners with real-life clinical scenarios that are ideal for Case-Based Learning and Discussion.
ISBN 9780323870382
Author Information By Steven D. Waldman, MD, JD, Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology, Professor of Medical Humanities and Bioethics, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.
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1       Ryan Rostov: A 52-year-old Male with Right Ankle Pain
2       Shirley McCain: A 62-year-old Dance Instructor with Right Foot Pain
3       Anna Coyle: A 24-year-old Dental Hygienist with Severe Medial Ankle Pain
4       Scott English: A 32-year-old Truck Mechanic with Pain and Electric Shock-Like Sensation Radiating into the Dorsum of the Foot
5       Chip Anderson: A 36-year-old Maintenance Man with Numbness and Paresthesias in the Sole of the Foot
6       Paul Reckinger: A 32-year-old Tennis Player with Severe Right Ankle Pain with an Associated Catching Sensation
7       DeShawn Freely: A 29-year-old Basketball Player with the Feeling He Had Been Shot in the Ankle
8       Irina Antipova: A 72-year-old Violinist with Right Great Toe Pain
9       Bobby Moltisanti: A 48-year-old Meat Cutter with a Painful Bump on His Big Toe
10     Miranda Halliday: A 24-year-old Fashion Designer with Pain in Her Little Toe
11     Sarah Davidow: A 64-year-old Homemaker with Foot Pain
12     Ross Marquette: A 68-year-old Retired Executive with Severe Posterior Foot Pain
13     Ada Hunt: A 31-year-old Customer Service Representative with Pain in the Arch of the Left Foot
14     Betty Bartholomew: A 32-year-old Pharmacist with Persistent Foot Pain
15     Chuck North: A 32-year-old Veteran with Pain in the Ball of His Foot
Publication Date 05-05-2022
Pages 340
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