Schmidek and Sweet: Operative Neurosurgical Techniques E-Book, 6th Edition

By Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, MD, FAANS, FACS
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  • Hone your skills for Master virtually every routine and specialized procedure for brain, spinal, and peripheral nerve problems in adult patients.
  • Review clinical information on image-guided technologies and infections.
  • Easily understand and apply techniques with guidance from more than 1,600 full-color illustrations.

Wherever, whenever, or however you need it, unmatched procedural guidance is at your fingertips with the new edition of Schmidek & Sweet: Operative Neurosurgical Techniques! Completely revised under the auspices of new editor-chief Dr. Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa, this comprehensive medical reference examines indications, operative techniques, complications, and results for nearly every neurosurgical procedure. Full-color illustrations, 21 new chapters, internationally-acclaimed contributors, surgical videos, and online access make it a "must have" for today's practitioner.

Key Features
  • Hone your skills for Master virtually every routine and specialized procedure for brain, spinal, and peripheral nerve problems in adult patients.
  • Review clinical information on image-guided technologies and infections.
  • Easily understand and apply techniques with guidance from more than 1,600 full-color illustrations.
ISBN 9781455723287
Author Information By Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, MD, FAANS, FACS, Professor, Chair of Neurologic Surgery, Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, Florida
Published Reviews

"The chapters feature introductory material about the history of the technique, followed by clearly presented treatment of
the various surgical techniques, non-surgical treatments, complications, outcomes, and a full list of references. The volumes are heavily illustrated with b&w plates and a group of color plates." -- SciTech Book News, March 2006

'We all know the Schmidek and Sweet. It has the reputation of being a user-friendly guide to surgical plans for working neurosurgeons, a source of advancing knowledge and expertise for students, trainees, and practitioners, and an overview of information useful to take to the operating room. While maintaining the book's characteristic systematic approach since the first edition, the new editor, Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, has added new sections to reflect the changes since the previous edition. Most of the new sections involve pediatric neurosurgery, endovascular surgery, spine and skull base minimally invasive techniques, and peripheral nerves. The legacy of Schmidek and Sweet continues, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Quinones-Hinojosa and the renowned neurosurgeons who contributed to this edition.' - Ramsis Farid Ghaly, MD, FACS(Ghaly Neurosurgical Associates) Doody 5 stars!

Table of Content


Volume 1

  1. Ensuring Patient Safety in Surgery―First Do No Harm1
  2. Symeon Missios·Kimon Bekelis· George T. Blike·Kadir Erkmen

  3. Surgical Navigation with Intraoperative Imaging: Special Operating Room ConceptsXXX
  4. Arya Nabavi·Andreas M. Stark·Lutz Dörner·H. Maximilian Mehdorn

    Section One

    Surgical Management of Brain and Skull Base Tumors

    Intra-Axial Brain Tumors

  5. Functional Tractography, Diffusion Tensor Imaging, Intraoperative Integration of Modalities, and NeuronavigationXXX
  6. Jonathan A. Hyam·Alexander L. Green·Erlick A.C. Pereira

  7. Intraoperative Neurophysiology: A Tool to Prevent and/or Document Intraoperative Injury to the Nervous SystemXXX
  8. Vedran Deletis·Francesco Sala

  9. Gamma Knife Surgery for Cerebral Vascular Malformations and TumorsXXX
  10. Chun-Po Yen·Ladislau Steiner

  11. Cortical and Subcortical Brain MappingXXX
  12. Hugues Duffau

  13. Chemotherapy for Brain TumorsXXX
  14. Manmeet S. Ahluwalia

  15. Current Surgical Management of High-Grade GliomasXXX
  16. Ray M. Chu·Keith L. Black

  17. Surgical Management of Low-Grade GliomasXXX
  18. Lorenzo Bello·Francesco Dimeco·Giuseppe Casaceli·Sergio Maria Gaini

  19. Management of Recurrent GliomasXXX
  20. Griffith R. Harsh IV

  21. Tumors in Eloquent Areas of BrainXXX
  22. Mark A. Pichelmann·FREDERIC B. Meyer

  23. Management of Primary Central Nervous System LymphomasXXX
  24. Camilo E. Fadul·Pamela Ely

  25. Surgical Management of Brain Stem Tumors in AdultsXXX
  26. James L. Frazier·George I. Jallo

  27. Cerebellar Tumors in AdultsXXX
  28. Laura B. Ngwenya·Mirza N. Baig·Manish K. Aghi·E. Antonio Chiocca

  29. Surgical Management of Cerebral MetastasesXXX
  30. TIMOTHY SIU·Frederick F. Lang

    Pituitary and Parapituitary Tumors

  31. Multimodal Assessment of Pituitary and Parasellar LesionsXXX
  32. T. Brooks Vaughan·Lewis S. Blevins·Michael S. Vaphiades·Gary S. Wand

  33. Medical Management of Hormone-Secreting Pituitary TumorsXXX
  34. Nestoras Mathioudakis·Roberto Salvatori

  35. Growth Hormone-Secreting TumorsXXX
  36. Carrie R. Muh·Adriana G. Ioachimescu·Nelson M. Oyesiku

  37. ProlactinomasXXX
  38. James K. Liu·Mark D. Krieger·Arun P. Amar·William T. Couldwell·Martin H. Weiss

  39. Cushing's DiseaseXXX
  40. Joseph Watson·Edward H. Oldfield

  41. Endocrinologically Silent Pituitary TumorsXXX
  42. Paolo Cappabianca·Felice Esposito·Luigi M. Cavallo·Annamaria Colao

  43. Endoscopic Endonasal Pituitary and Skull Base SurgeryXXX
  44. David H. Jho·Diana H. Jho·Hae-Dong Jho

  45. Transcranial Surgery for Pituitary MacroadenomasXXX
  46. Pablo F. Recinos·C. Rory Goodwin·Henry Brem·Alfredo QuiÑones-Hinojosa

  47. CraniopharyngiomasXXX
  48. Philip V. TheodosopoUlos·Michael E. Sughrue·Michael W. McDermott

  49. Endoscopic Endonasal Approach for CraniopharyngiomasXXX
  50. Daniel M. Prevedello·Domenico Solari·Ricardo L. Carrau·Paul Gardner·Amin B. Kassam

  51. Arachnoid, Suprasellar, and Rathke's Cleft CystsXXX
  52. Dieter Hellwig·Wuttipong Tirakotai·Vincenzo Paterno·Christoph Kappus

    Intraventricular Tumors

  53. Surgical Approaches to Lateral and Third Ventricular TumorsXXX
  54. Toral R. Patel·Grahame C. Gould·Joachim M. Baehring·Joseph M. Piepmeier

  55. Transcallosal Surgery of Lesions Affecting the Third Ventricle: Basic PrinciplesXXX
  56. Alexander Taghva·Charles Y. Liu·Michael L. J. Apuzzo

  57. Endoscopic Approach to Intraventricular Brain TumorsXXX
  58. Jeffrey P. Greenfield·Mark M. Souweidane·Theodore H. Schwartz

  59. Management of Pineal Region TumorsXXX
  60. Jeffrey N. Bruce

  61. Management of Tumors of the Fourth VentricleXXX
  62. Jonathan Miller·Alia Hdeib·Alan Cohen

    Extra-Axial and Posterior Tumors

  63. Surgical Management of Parasagittal and Convexity MeningiomasXXX
  64. Ashok R. Asthagiri·Russell R. Lonser

  65. Surgical Approach to Falcine MeningiomasXXX
  66. Eric C. Chang·Fredrick G. Barker II·William T. Curry

  67. Surgical Management of Midline Anterior Skull Base MeningiomasXXX
  68. Matthias Kirsch·Dietmar Krex·Gabriele Schackert

  69. Supraorbital Approach Variants for Intracranial TumorsXXX
  70. Rodrigo Ramos-Zúñiga·Shaan M. Raza·Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa

  71. Surgical Management of Sphenoid Wing MeningiomasXXX
  72. Gerardo Guinto

  73. Spheno-Orbital MeningiomaXXX
  74. John R. Floyd·Franco DeMonte

  75. Tumors Involving the Cavernous SinusXXX
  76. John Diaz Day·Dong Xia Feng·Takanori Fukushima

  77. Surgery for Trigeminal NeurinomasXXX
  78. Takeshi Kawase

  79. Surgical Management of Petroclival MeningiomasXXX
  80. Khaled M. Aziz·Sebastien Froelich·Sanjay Bhatia·Alexander K. Yu·Albino Bricolo·Todd Hillman·Raymond F. Sekula, Jr.

  81. Surgical Management of Lesions of the ClivusXXX
  82. Giulio Maira·Francesco Doglietto·Roberto Pallini

  83. Surgical Management of Posterior Fossa MeningiomasXXX
  84. Beejal Y. Amin·Samuel Ryu·Jack P. Rock

  85. Surgical Management of Tumors of the Foramen MagnumXXX
  86. Jose Alberto Landeiro·Roberto Leal Silveira·Cassius Vinícius Corrêa Dos Reis

  87. Surgical Management of Tumors of the Jugular ForamenXXX
  88. James K. Liu·Gaurav Gupta· Lana D. Christiano·Takanori Fukushima

    Cerebellopontine Angle Tumors

  89. Suboccipital Retrosigmoid Surgical Approach for Vestibular Schwannoma (Acoustic Neuroma)XXX
  90. Robert L. Martuza

  91. Translabyrinthine Approach to Vestibular SchwannomasXXX
  92. Lars Poulsgaard

  93. Transtemporal Approaches to Posterior Cranial FossaXXX
  94. Frank D. Vrionis·Kamran V. Aghayev·Gale Gardner·Jon H. Robertson·Jason A. Brodkey

  95. Surgical Management of Neurofibromatosis Types 1 and 2XXX
  96. James H. Tonsgard·Bakhtiar Yamini·David M. Frim

  97. Hearing Prosthetics: Surgical TechniquesXXX
  98. Wade W. Chien·Howard Francis·John K. Niparko

    Lesions at the Skull Base

  99. Multimodal Treatment of Orbital TumorsXXX
  100. Shaan M. Raza·Alfredo QuiÑones-Hinojosa·Prem S. Subramanian

  101. Surgical Approaches to the Orbit603
  102. Uta Schick·Andreas Unterberg

  103. Anterior Midline Approaches to the Skull BaseXXX
  104. Ivo P. Janecka·Silloo B. Kapadia

  105. Orbitozygomatic Infratemporal Approach to Parasellar MeningiomasXXX
  106. Kenji Ohata·Takeo Goto

    Section Two

    Operative Techniques in Pediatric Neurosurgery

  107. Methods for Cerebrospinal Fluid Diversion in Pediatric Hydrocephalus: From Shunt to ScopeXXX
  108. Aabir Chakraborty·James M. Drake·Benjamin C. Warf

  109. Posterior Fossa Tumors in the Pediatric Population: Multidisciplinary ManagementXXX
  110. Tae-Young Jung·James T. Rutka

  111. Supratentorial Tumors in the Pediatric Population: Multidisciplinary ManagementXXX
  112. Chetan Bettegowda·Linda C. Chen·Vivek A. Mehta·George I. Jallo·James T. Rutka

  113. Mapping, Disconnection, and Resective Surgery in Pediatric EpilepsyXXX
  114. Brent O'Neill·Jeffrey G. Ojemann·Matthew Smyth·Johannes Schramm

  115. Surgical Decision-Making and Treatment Options for Chiari Malformations in ChildrenXXX
  116. Todd C. Hankinson·R. Shane Tubbs·W. Jerry Oakes

  117. Fetal Surgery for Open Neural Tube DefectsXXX
  118. Nalin Gupta

  119. Surgical Management of Spinal DysraphismXXX
  120. James B. Mitchell·Dachling Pang

  121. Revascularization Techniques in Pediatric Cerebrovascular DisordersXXX
  122. Edward Smith·R. Michael Scott

  123. Management of Pediatric Severe Traumatic Brain InjuryXXX
  124. Jotham Manwaring·P. David Adelson

  125. Contemporary Dorsal Rhizotomy Surgery for the Treatment of Spasticity in ChildhoodXXX
  126. Doniel Drazin·Kurtis Auguste·Moise Danielpour

  127. Instrumentation and Stabilization of the Pediatric Spine: Technical Nuances and Age-Specific ConsiderationsXXX
  128. Joshua J. Chern·Katherine Relyea·Andrew Jea

  129. Methods of Cranial Vault Reconstruction for CraniosynostosisXXX
  130. Jose Hinojosa

    Section Three

    Vascular Diseases

    Open Treatment

  131. Surgical Management of the Extracranial Carotid Artery DiseaseXXX
  132. Markus Bookland·Christopher M. Loftus

  133. Management of Dissections of the Carotid and Vertebral ArteriesXXX
  134. Gregory J. Velat·Brian L. Hoh·Christopher S. Ogilvy

  135. Management of Unruptured Intracranial AneurysmsXXX
  136. Vikram V. Nayar·Kai Frerichs·Arthur L. Day

  137. Surgical Management of Intracerebral HemorrhageXXX
  138. Manish K. Aghi·Christopher S. Ogilvy·Bob S. Carter

  139. Surgical Management of Cerebellar Stroke-Hemorrhage and InfarctionXXX
  140. Vikram V. Nayar·Arthur L. Day

  141. Surgical Treatment of Moyamoya Disease in AdultsXXX
  142. Leonidas M. Quintana

  143. Surgical Treatment of Paraclinoid AneurysmsXXX
  144. Edgar Nathal·Gabriel Castillo

  145. Surgical Management of Posterior Communicating, Anterior Choroidal, Carotid Bifurcation AneurysmsXXX
  146. Kyriakos Papadimitriou·Judy Huang

  147. Surgical Management of Anterior Communicating and Anterior Cerebral Artery AneurysmsXXX
  148. Michael T. Lawton·Zaman Mirzadeh

  149. Surgical Management of Aneurysms of the Middle Cerebral ArteryXXX
  150. Martin Lehecka·Reza Dashti·Jaakko Rinne·Rossana Romani·Riku Kivisaari·Mika Niemelä·Juha Hernesniemi

  151. Surgical Management of Terminal Basilar and Posterior Cerebral Artery AneurysmsXXX
  152. Scott Y. Rahimi·Mark J. Dannenbaum·C. MICHAEL Cawley·Daniel L. Barrow

  153. Surgical Management of Midbasilar and Lower Basilar AneurysmsXXX
  154. Nader Sanai·Alim Mitha·Robert F. Spetzler

  155. Surgical Management of Aneurysms of the Vertebral and Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery ComplexXXX
  156. Helmut Bertalanffy·Ludwig Benes·Stefan Heinze·Wuttipong Tirakotai·ulrich sure

  157. Far Lateral Approach and Transcondylar and Supracondylar Extensions for Aneurysms of the Vertebrobasilar JunctionXXX
  158. Mohamed Samy Elhammady·Eric C. Peterson·Roberto C. Heros·Jacques J. Morcos

  159. Surgical Management of Cranial Dural Arteriovenous FistulasXXX
  160. Mohsen Javadpour·M. Christopher Wallace

  161. Surgical Management of Cavernous Malformations of the Nervous SystemXXX
  162. Anoop P. Patel·Sepideh Amin-Hanjani·Christopher S. Ogilvy

  163. Surgical Management of Infratentorial Arteriovenous MalformationsXXX
  164. TomÁs GArzÓn-Muvdi·Gustavo Pradilla·Kimon Bekelis·Philippe Gailloud·Rafael J. Tamargo

  165. Surgical Management of Cerebral Arteriovenous MalformationsXXX
  166. Edgardo Spagnuolo

    Endovascular Treatment

  167. Endovascular Management of Intracranial Aneurysms1019
  168. Joseph J. Gemmete·Aditya S. Pandey·Neeraj Chaudhary·B. Gregory Thompson, JR.

  169. Endovascular Treatment of StrokeXXX
  170. Kyle M. Fargen·Gregory J. Velat·Michael F. Waters·Brian L. Hoh·J. Mocco

  171. Endovascular Treatment of Cerebral Arteriovenous MalformationsXXX
  172. Rohan Chitale·Pascal M. Jabbour·L. Fernando Gonzalez·Robert H. Rosenwasser·Stavropoula I. Tjoumakaris

  173. Endovascular Treatment of Intracranial Occlusive DiseaseXXX
  174. Sabareesh K. Natarajan·Alexander A. Khalessi·Yuval Karmon·Adnan H. Siddiqui·L. Nelson Hopkins·Elad I. Levy

  175. Endovascular Treatment of Extracranial Occlusive DiseaseXXX
  176. henry moyle·Aman Patel

  177. Embolization of Tumors: Brain, Head, Neck, and SpineXXX
  178. Yin C. Hu·C. Benjamin Newman·Cameron G. McDougall·Felipe C. Albuquerque

  179. Endovascular Management of Dural Arteriovenous FistulasXXX

Geoffrey P. Colby·Alexandra R. Paul·Elisa F. Ciceri·Alexander L. Coon

91. Endovascular Management of Spinal Vascular MalformationsXXX

Anitha Nimmagadda·Rudy J. Rahme·Ali Shaibani·Guilherme Dabus·Bernard R. Bendok

92. Endovascular Treatment of Head and Neck BleedingXXX

Alexandros D. Zouzias·Paul Schmitt·Chirag D. Gandhi·Charles J. Prestigiacomo

93. Imaging Evaluation and Endovascular Treatment of VasospasmXXX

James Chen·Sudhir Kathuria·Dheeraj Gandhi

Section Four


94. Surgical Management of Hydrocephalus in the AdultXXX

David M. Frim·Richard Penn·Maureen Lacy

95. Adult Pseudotumor Cerebri SyndromeXXX

Sachin Batra·Abhay Moghekar·David Solomon·Ari Blitz·Diego San Millán Ruíz·Philippe Gailloud·Prem Subramanian·Neil R. Miller·Daniele Rigamonti

96. Endoscopic Third VentriculostomyXXX

Pablo F. Recinos·George I. Jallo·Violette Renard Recinos

97. Management of Shunt InfectionsXXX

Claudio Yampolsky·Pablo Ajler

Section Five

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

  1. Interstitial and LINAC-Radiosurgery for Brain MetastasesXXX

Guido Nikkhah·Jaroslaw Maciaczyk·Thomas Reithmeier·Michael Trippel·Marcus O. Pinsker

99. Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Trigeminal NeuralgiaXXX

Pablo F. Recinos·Trang Nguyen·Michael Lim

100. CyberKnife Radiosurgery for Spinal NeoplasmsXXX

Robert E. Lieberson·Ake Hansasuta·Robert Dodd·Steven D. Chang·John R. Adler, Jr.

101. Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Pituitary AdenomasXXX

Daniel Q. Sun·Sachin Batra·Juan Jackson·Roberto Salvatori·Daniele Rigamonti

102. Radiation Therapy and Radiosurgery in the Management of CraniopharyngiomasXXX

Anand Veeravagu·Marco Lee·Bowen Jiang·John R. Adler, Jr.·Steven D. Chang

103. Vestibular Schwannomas: The Role of Stereotactic RadiosurgeryXXX

Douglas Kondziolka·L. Dade Lunsford·Ajay Niranjan·Hideyuki Kano·John C. Flickinger

104. Stereotactic Radiosurgery MeningiomasXXX

Massimo Gerosa·Bruno Zanotti·Angela Verlicchi·Antonio Nicolato

105. Role of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery in the Management of Arteriovenous MalformationsXXX

Ramiro Del-VallE·Marco Zenteno

106. Radiation Therapy of EpilepsyXXX

Ellen Air·Nicholas M. Barbaro

107. Gamma Surgery for Functional DisordersXXX

Chun-Po Yen·Ladislau Steiner

Volume TwoSection Six

Functional Neurosurgery

Surgical Management of Medically Intractable Epilepsy

108. Presurgical Evaluation for Epilepsy Including Intracranial ElectrodesXXX

Ana Luisa Velasco·Francisco Velasco·Bernardo Boleaga·José María NÚñez·David Trejo

109. Temporal Lobe Operations in Intractable EpilepsyXXX

Sameer A. Sheth·Matthew K. Mian·Emad N. Eskandar·G. Rees Cosgrove

110. Surgical Management of Extratemporal Lobe EpilepsyXXX

Erlick A.C. Pereira·Alexander L. Green

111. Multilobar Resection and Hemispherectomy in Epilepsy SurgeryXXX

Massimo Cossu·Francesco Cardinale·Laura Castana·Giorgio Lo Russo

112. Corpus Callosotomy: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Edward F. Chang·Nathan C. Rowland·Nicholas M. Barbaro

113. Treatment of Intractable Epilepsy by Electrical Stimulation of the Vagus NerveXXX

Joseph R. Madsen

Surgical Management of Psychiatric and Movement Disorders

114. Deep Brain Stimulation in Movement Disorders: Parkinson's Disease, Essential Tremor, and DystoniaXXX

Louis A. Whitworth·Kim J. Burchiel

115. Cervical Dystonia and Spasmodic Torticollis: Indications and TechniquesXXX

John Yianni·Dipankar Nandi·Tipu Aziz

116. Novel Targets in Deep Brain Stimulation for Movement DisordersXXX

Steven Ojemann·Oszkar Szentirmai·Gidon Felsen

117. Molecular Therapies for Movement DisordersXXX

Michael J. Nanaszko·Michael G. Kaplitt

118. Cingulotomy for Intractable Psychiatric IllnessXXX

Patrick Schweder·G. Rees Cosgrove

119. Deep Brain Stimulation for Intractable Psychiatric IllnessXXX

Paul S. Larson·Philip A. Starr

120. Brain-Computer Interfacing Prospects and Technical AspectsXXX

Roy Bakay

121. Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy for HyperhidrosisXXX

Subu N. Magge·John F. Morrison

122. Surgery for Intractable SpasticityXXX

Marc Sindou·Patrick Mertens

Surgical Management of Intractable Pain

123. Retrogasserian Glycerol Rhizolysis in Trigeminal NeuralgiaXXX

Bengt Linderoth·Göran Lind

124. Percutaneous Stereotactic Rhizotomy in the Treatment of Intractable Facial PainXXX

John M. Tew, Jr.·Chad J. Morgan·Andrew W. Grande

125. Neurovascular Decompression in Cranial Nerves V, VII, IX, and XXXX

Russell R. Lonser·Ronald I. Apfelbaum

126. Deep Brain Stimulation for PainXXX

Patrick Senatus·Daniel Condit

127. Mesencephalic Tractotomy and Anterolateral Cordotomy for Intractable PainXXX

Kostas N. Fountas·Eftychia Z. Kapsalaki·Joseph R. Smith

128. Spinal Cord Stimulation for Chronic PainXXX

Richard B. North·Bengt Linderoth

129. Spinal Cord Stimulation and Intraspinal Infusions for PainXXX

Gilbert J. Fanciullo·Perry A. Ball

130. Dorsal Root Entry Zone LesionsXXX

Kevin Cahill·Allan J. Belzberg·William S. Anderson

131. Motor Cortex Stimulation for Intractable Facial PainXXX

Sameer A. Sheth·Matthew K. Mian·Bradley R. Buchbinder·Emad N. Eskandar

Section Seven


132. Perioperative Management of Severe Traumatic Brain Injury in AdultsXXX

Ramesh Grandhi·David O. Okonkwo

133. Surgical Management of Severe Closed Head Injury in AdultsXXX

José María Pascual·Ruth Prieto

134. Management of Penetrating and Blast Injuries of the Nervous SystemXXX

Richard J. Teff

135. Decompressive Craniectomy for Traumatic Brain InjuryXXX

Matthew B. Potts·Michael E. Sughrue·Shirley I. Stiver·Lawrence H. Pitts·Geoffrey T. Manley

136. Management of Skull Base TraumaXXX

Shirley I. Stiver

137. Surgical Management of Chronic Subdural Hematoma in AdultsXXX

Thomas Santarius·Angelos G. Kolias·Peter J. Hutchinson

138. Management of Cerebrospinal Fluid LeaksXXX

Kofi Boahene·teodoro Forcht Dagi·Alfredo Quiñones-Hinojosa

139. Principles of Scalp Surgery and Surgical Management of Major Defects of ScalpXXX

Gaby D. Doumit·Alexandra Schmidek·Michael J. Yaremchuk

140. Surgical Management of Major Skull Defects and Potential ComplicationsXXX

Shih-Shan Lang·M. Sean Grady

141. Management of Traumatic Intracranial AneurysmsXXX

Giuseppe Talamonti·Giuseppe D'Aliberti·Massimo Collice

142. Management of Penetrating Brain InjuryXXX

J. Kent Werner, Jr.·Rocco Armonda·Geoffrey T. Manley·Guy Rosenthal

Section Eight

Surgical Management of Nervous System Infections

143. Management of Suppurative Intracranial InfectionsXXX

Rachel Grossman·Henry H. Schmidek·Alfredo QuiÑones-Hinojosa

144. Management of Infections After CraniotomyXXX

GÖran C. Blomstedt·Kari Sammalkorpi

145. Spinal Infections: Vertebral Osteomyelitis and Spinal Epidural AbscessXXX

Sunil Jeswani·Doniel Drazin·Ali Shirzadi·Paula Eboli·Debraj Mukherjee·Frank L. Acosta

146. Neurosurgical Management of HIV-Related Focal Brain LesionsXXX

Marlon S. Mathews·E. Thomas Chappell

147. Management of NeurocysticercosisXXX

Rodrigo Ramos-Zúñiga·Tomás Garzón-Muvdi

148. Management of Tuberculous Infections of the Nervous SystemXXX

Rana Patir·Ravi Bhatia

149. Fungal Infections of the Central Nervous SystemXXX

Rewati Raman Sharma·Sanjay J. Pawar·Santosh D. Lad·Ganpati Prasad Mishra·Audumbar Shantaram Netalkar·Shrikant Rege

150. Management of Intracranial Aneurysms Caused by InfectionXXX

Bradley A. Gross·Ning Lin·Rose Du

Section Nine

Neurosurgical Management of Spinal Disorders

Degenerative Spine Disorder

Cervical Spine

151. Treatment Evolution in Management of Cervical Disc DiseaseXXX

Marcus C. Korinth

152. Anterior Cervical Foraminotomy (Jho Procedure): Microscopic or EndoscopicXXX

David H. Jho·Diana H. Jho·Hae-Dong Jho

153. Minimally Invasive Posterior Cervical Foraminotomy and MicrodiscectomyXXX

Girish K. Hiremath·Mick J. Perez-Cruet

154. Disc Replacement Technologies in the Cervical and Lumbar SpineXXX

Ronan M. Dardis·Amar Saxena·Amjad Shad·Bhupal Chitnavis·Richard Gullan

155. Anterior Approaches for Multilevel Cervical SpondylosisXXX


156. Management of Cervical Spondylotic MyelopathyXXX

Michael P. Steinmetz·Rick J. Placide·Edward C. Benzel·Ajit A. Krishnaney

157. Cervical Laminoplasty: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Christopher M. Boxell·David G. Malone·Mitchell Martineau

158. Circumferential Cervical Spinal FusionXXX

Thomas B. Ducker·Timothy G. Burke

Thoracic Spine

159. Surgical Techniques in the Management of Thoracic Disc HerniationsXXX

Nathan E. Simmons

160. Video-Assisted Thoracoscopic Discectomy: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Joshua M. Ammerman·Anthony J. Caputy

Lumbar Spine

161. Lumbar Microdiscectomy: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Bradley S. Duhon·Meic H. Schmidt

162. Minimally Invasive Lumbar Microdiscectomy: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Luis M. Tumialan

163. Management of Far Lateral Lumbar Disc HerniationsXXX

Nancy E. Epstein

164. Lumbar Spinal Arthroplasty: Clinical Experiences of Motion PreservationXXX

Fred H. Geisler

165. Management of Degenerative Lumbar Stenosis and SpondylolisthesisXXX

Benjamin Blondel·Shaun Xavier·Thomas Errico

166. Posterior Lumbar Fusion by Open Technique: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Ali Bydon·Hormuzdiyar H. Dasenbrock·Ian Suk

167. Percutaneous Placement of Lumbar Pedicle Screws: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Daniel C. Lu·Kevin T. Foley

168. Dynamic Stabilization of the Lumbar Spine: Indications and TechniquesXXX

William Welch·Boyle C. Cheng·Tariq E. Awad·M. Mason Macenski

169. Posterior Lumbar Interbody FusionXXX

M. Yashar S. Kalani·Mark Garrett·Nicholas Theodore

170. Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Basheal M. Agrawal·Daniel Resnick

171. Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Sunil Jeswani·Doniel Drazin·John C. Liu·Christopher Ames·Frank L. Acosta

172. Lateral Lumbar Interbody Fusion: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Yi Lu·Judith M. Wong·John H. Chi

173. Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Clifford J. Eskey

Spine Trauma

174. Management of Injuries of the Cervical Spine and Spinal CordXXX

Daniel M. Sciubba·James S. Harrop

175. Transoral Approaches to the Cervical SpineXXX

Wesley Hsu·Jean-Paul Wolinsky

176. Atlantoaxial Instability and StabilizationXXX

Jean-Paul Wolinsky·Reza Yassari

177. Stabilization of the Subaxial Cervical Spine (C3-C7)XXX

Mehmet Zileli

178. Thoracolumbar Anterolateral and Posterior StabilizationXXX

Harel Arzi·Paul M. Arnold

179. Management of Sacral FracturesXXX

Carlo Bellabarba·Thomas A. Schildhauer·Jens R. Chapman

180. Management of Penetrating Injuries to the SpineXXX

Michelle J. Clarke·Raj Narayan·Timothy F. Witham

Congenital and Developmental Spinal Abnormalities

181. Craniovertebral Abnormalities and Their Neurosurgical ManagementXXX

Arnold Menezes·Timothy Lindley

182. Management of Chiari Malformations and SyringomyeliaXXX

John Heiss·Edward H. Oldfield

183. Management of Occult Spinal Dysraphism in AdultsXXX

R. Shane Tubbs·W. Jerry Oakes

184. Neurologic Problems of the Spine in AchondroplasiaXXX

Benjamin S. Carson·Mari Groves·Reza Yassari

Spinal Deformity

185. Management of Degenerative ScoliosisXXX

Daniel M. Sciubba

Spine Tumors

186. Surgical Management of Intramedullary Spinal Cord Tumors in AdultsXXX

Michael Bruneau·Jacques Brotchi

187. Intradural Extramedullary TumorsXXX

Paul McCormick

188. Management of Spinal Cord Tumors and Arteriovenous MalformationsXXX

Nirit Weiss·Joshua Bederson·Kalmon Post

189. Management of Cauda Equina TumorsXXX

Françoise Lapierre·Antoine Listrat·Philippe Rigoard·Michel Wager

190. Management of Primary Malignant Tumors of the Osseous SpineXXX

Alessandro Gasbarrini·Stefano Bandiera·Luca Amendola·Joseph Schwab·Stefano Boriani

191. Surgical Approaches to the Cervicothoracic JunctionXXX

Richard G. Fessler·Daniel H. Kim

192. Surgery for Metastatic Spine DiseaseXXX

Daniel M. Sciubba·Ziya l. Gokaslan

193. Surgical Resection of Sacral TumorsXXX

Ziya L. Gokaslan·Wesley Hsu

Specific Complications of Spine Surgery

194. Surgical Management of Cerebrospinal Fluid Leakage after Spinal SurgeryXXX

Sunil Jeswani·Doniel Drazin·Ali Shirzadi·Frank L. Acosta

Section Ten

Surgical Management of the Peripheral Nervous System

195. Peripheral Nerve InjuryXXX

Adam M. Sonabend·Patricia Smith·Jason H. Huang·Christopher Winfree

196. Imaging for Peripheral Nerve DisordersXXX

Aaron G. Filler

197. Management of Adult Brachial Plexus InjuriesXXX

Kathleen Khu·Rajiv Midha·Shimon Rochkind

198. Nerve Transfers: Indications and TechniquesXXX

Manish S. Sharma·Allen T. Bishop·Alexander Y. Shin·Robert J. Spinner

199. Management of Median Nerve CompressionXXX

Nathan J. Ranalli·Kartik G. Krishnan·Eric L. Zager

200. Management of Ulnar Nerve CompressionXXX

Gaurav Gupta·Allen Maniker

201. Management of Entrapment NeuropathiesXXX

Marco Sinisi

202. Management of Nerve Sheath Tumors Involving the SpineXXX

Faiz Ahmad·Allan Levi

203. Peripheral Nerve Tumors of the ExtremitiesXXX

Michael J. Dorsi·Allan J. Belzberg

204. Management of Cranial Nerve InjuriesXXX

Khaled M. Aziz·Alexander K. Yu·Douglas Chen·Raymond F. Sekula, Jr.

205. Management of Thoracic Outlet SyndromeXXX

Shimon Rochkind·Eric L. Zager

206. Nerve-Grafting Procedures for Birth-Related Peripheral Nerve InjuriesXXX

Martijn J. A. Malessy·Willem Pondaag

Publication Date 10-05-2012
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