Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Media

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By Eugene V. Beresin, MD and Cheryl K. Olson, MPH, SD
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Get a quick, expert overview of the increasingly important topic of technology and social media and its impact on children and adolescents. This practical resource presents a focused summary of today's current knowledge on topics of interest to psychiatrists, pediatricians, and other health professionals working with children and adolescents. It provides current, relevant information on a wide variety of media-related topics as they relate to child and adolescent health and mental illness, making it a one-stop resource for staying up to date in this critical area.

ISBN 9780323548557-vst
Author Informaiton By Eugene V. Beresin, MD, Executive Director, MGH Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, Senior Educator, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, McLean Hospital; Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts and Cheryl K. Olson, MPH, SD, Principal, Cheryl K. Olson, Sc.D., LLC, San Carlos, California
Table of Content

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and the Media


1. The Effects of Violent Media on Children

2. The Impact of Reality TV on Female Body Image

3. Use and Misuse of Digital Media: Bullying, Sexting and New Reality Apps

4. Dystopian Movies and YA Novels

5. The Impact of Terrorism on Children and Adolescents: The Role of Media

6. The Use of Online and Digital Media in Therapy

7. Sex in Media and its Impact on Youth

8. Addicted Media: Substances on Screen

9. Media Literacy for Clinicians and Parents

10. The Functional Assessment of Social Media in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

11. The Use of Film, Literature and Music in Becoming Culturally Competent in Understanding African Americans

12. Media Outreach for Child Psychiatrists

13. The Use of Telepsychiatry in Caring for Youth and Families: Overcoming the Shortages in Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists

14. Your Brain on Videogames: The Neuroscience of Media

15. The Role of Media in Destigmatizing Mental Illness in Youth and Families

16. Media as a Means of Promoting Wellbeing in Transitional Age Youth

17. The Use of Media in Becoming Culturally Competent in Understanding Latino Youth; or Reaching Out to the Latino Population to Understand Psychiatric Disorders

18. Media Portayals of Modern Families

19. Use of Digital and Other Media in Preschool and Young Children

20. Use of Digital Media for Self-Expression in Children and Adolescents

Publication Date 12-10-2018
Pages 400

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