Chiropractic Peripheral Joint Technique

Edited by Raymond T. Broome, DC FCC
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  • An essential and accessible text for all students and practitioners
  • Extensively illustrated with over 400 illustrations
  • Highly practical approach, ideal for speedy reference when a problem is encountered
  • A practical text covering the diagnosis and chiropractic manual treatment of biomechanical peripheral joint problems commonly seen in clinical practice.
    ISBN 9780750632898
    Author Information Edited by Raymond T. Broome, DC FCC, Former Clinic Director and Lecturer, Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, Bournemouth, England; Post graduate Lecturer, Institut Franco-Europeen de Chiropratique, Paris, France; Post-graduate Lecturer, Nordisk Institut for Kiropraktik og Biomekanik, Odense, Denmark; Private Practitioner, Oxford, England, UK
    Published Reviews "This book is very impressive: Chiropractic Peripheral Joint Technique represents an entire work dedicated to the chiropractic approach to the assessment and manual treatment of all the peripheral joints, including the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). [...] The text represents decades of inventive and clinical expertise that is adequately supported by current best-practice evidence and a shift in clinical management from condition-focused to patient-centred functional management is based upon sound neuro-biomechanical principles which strengthen the presentation of the text and underpin the rationale for peripheral joint manipulation. [...] Ray Broome's book is a timely contribution to the literature as the chiropractic profession begins to move forward in developing more partnerships in the healthcare sciences and providing the chiropractic profession with a vehicle for ongoing professional development. There is no doubt in my mind that this text will become a major element in both undergraduate and postgraduate training."European Journal of Chiropractic, April 2001
    I am mightily impressed with Dr Broome's efforts with this text. The manner in which the text is structure works to the advantage of the student of manual therapy. ... I recommend it quite highly and congratulate the authors for their significant contribution to the chiropractic literature."Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies, September 2000
    guide is easy to understand and well supported with clear photographs and diagrams to illustrate techniques and handhold positions. [...] While this book is directed at chiropractors, it would be a useful library reference book for physiotherapists who wish to understand more about chiropractic treatment of peripheral joints."Physiotherapy, November 2000
    this is an absolutely wonderful addition to the chiropractic literature and is certainly one of the most thorough texts on peripheral joint procedures that exists anywhere in the complementary medicine field. provides a comprehensive grounding in the arthrokinematics and neurophysiology of every peripheral joint in the body. This helps make the presented techniques much more clinically oriented that a simple technique manual normally presents. [...] ...the text is certainly applicable beyond the chiropractic profession, though that will be the first primary audience for the book [...] I recommend this text without reservation. I find it very well written and organized, and believe it will enter the pantheon of well-used chiropractic textbooks, of which there are still too few."Manual Therapy, August 2000
    Table of Content Contents; Foreword; Preface; Acknowledgements; PART ONE - Biomechanics: The relevance of peripheral joints in clinical practice - an overview; Techniques employed in the biomechanical correction of peripheral joints; Peripheral joint kinematics; Passive osteokinematic motion palpation of the peripheral joints; Neurological implications of biomechanical disorders of the peripheral joints; Rehabilitation - the role of exercises as supportive therapy in the treatment of the peripheral joints; PART TWO - Joint Manipulation; Temporomandibular joint examination and techniques; The evaluation of joint play and adjustive procedures for the peripheral joints; SECTION ONE: THE UPPER EXTREMITY; The sterno-clavicular joint; The acromio-clavicular joint; The glenohumeral joint; The scapulo-thoracic articulation; The elbow; The wrist and hand; SECTION TWO: THE LOWER EXTREMITY; The hip joint; The knee; The proximal and distal tibio-fibular joints; The joints of the foot and ankle; Bibliography; Glossary of Terms; Index.
    Publication Date 17-01-2000
    Pages 320
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