Clinical Care of the Runner

Edited by Mark A. Harrast
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Offering current guidance from national and international experts, Clinical Care of the Runner provides a comprehensive, practical approach to caring for the runner patient. Editor Dr. Mark A. Harrast, Clinical Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine and Sports Medicine and Medical Director for Husky Stadium and the Seattle Marathon, ensures that you're up to date with assessment, biomechanics, musculoskeletal injuries, medical illness, training, special populations, and other key topics.

Key Features
  • Covers general topics such as evaluation of the injured runner, on-the-field and in-office assessment, and sports psychology for the runner.
  • Includes biomechanics and rehabilitation chapters, including running gait assessment, choosing a running shoe, and deep water running for prevention and rehabilitation of running injuries.
  • Provides expert guidance on bone stress injuries and bone health, osteoarthritis and running, knee injuries in runners, and other musculoskeletal injuries.
  • Features a section on specific populations such as the novice runner, the youth runner, the peripartum runner, and the ultramarathoner.
  • Consolidates today's available information and guidance into a single, convenient resource.
ISBN 9780323679497
Author Information Edited by Mark A. Harrast, Clinical Professor of Rehabilitation Medicine, Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Program Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship University of Washington Medical Director, Sports Medicine Center at Husky Stadium Medical Director, Seattle Marathon Advisory Board, International Institute of Race Medicine
Table of Content Section I: General Considerations and Assessment
1. Incidence, Prevalence, and Risk Factors of Running-Related Injuries: An Epidemiologic Review
2. Training Principles for the Runner
3. Evaluation of the Injured Runner
4. Exercise-Associated Collapse: On-the-Field and In-Office Assessment
5. Mass Participation Endurance Event
6. Sport Psychology for the Runner: Injury, Rehabilitation, and Recovery
Section II: Biomechanics and Rehabilitation
7. Running Gait Assessment
8. Influence of Step Rate on Running Mechanics
9. The Interaction of Foot Strike and Footwear in Runners
10. Considerations in the Selection of a Running Shoe
11. Rehabilitation Principles of the Injured Runner
12. Anti-Gravity Treadmill Training for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Running Injuries
13. Deep Water Running for Prevention and Rehabilitation of Running Injuries
Section III: Musculoskeletal Injuries
14. Bone Stress Injuries
15. Bone Health of the Runner: Metabolic Workup and Impact on Fracture Risk
16. Osteoarthritis and Running
17. Hip, Pelvis, and Thigh Injuries in Runners
18. Knee Injuries in Runners
19. Exertional Leg Pain in Runners
20. Ankle and Foot Injuries in Runners
Section IV: Special Considerations for Specific Populations
21. Caring for and Counseling the Youth Runner
22. Caring for and Counseling the Peripartum Runner
23. Caring for and Counseling the Ultramarathoner
Publication Date 20-11-2019
Pages 290
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