Clinical Governance and Best Value

By Sharon Pickering, MSc, BSc(Hons), BA(Hons), RGN, DipN(Lond), PGDip(HSSM) and Jeannette Thompson, MA, BSc(Hons), RNMH, DipN(Lond), CertEd ITEC, PGDip(HSSM), DipMan
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  • First book to put the clinical governance agenda into a practice context
  • Multi-disciplinary - reflects the importance of involving the whole health care team
  • Practical - extensive use of best practice examples, checklists, action points and activities
  • Addresses the six key elements of the clinical governance agenda -. quality, audit, ebp, risk management, accountability, the consumer agenda
  • This practical U.K. handbook, for all members of the health care team, shows through extensive use of examples and checklists how the clinical governance imperatives can be addressed and achieved in order to deliver quality patient-focused health care.
    ISBN 9780443071676
    Author Information By Sharon Pickering, MSc, BSc(Hons), BA(Hons), RGN, DipN(Lond), PGDip(HSSM), Project Manager, NHSE, Trent, UK and Jeannette Thompson, MA, BSc(Hons), RNMH, DipN(Lond), CertEd ITEC, PGDip(HSSM), DipMan, Lecturer, Learning Disabilities Nursing, University of York, York, UK
    Published Reviews ""Written by highly respected and experienced contributors, the overall presentation of material is easy to readand understand, and encourages the reader to read on and find the answers to their questions."" Maureen Benbow, Journal of Community Nursing, September 2004
    Table of Content Section 1: Political Context of Health Care Delivery - Clinical Governance and Best Value: A toolkit for quality. An economic approach to clinical governance, Clinical Governance and Best Value: The User perspective. Service user and professional partnerships in the modernization agenda
    Section 2: Developing and Implementing Best Practice - Developing best practice, Problem identification. Finding and selecting the evidence. Audit - the beginning and the end of the change cycle.
    Section 3: Accountability and Risk - Accountability and professional self-regulation. Risk andclinical governance: restoring confidence in health and social care .
    Section 4: Structured Approaches to Care Delivery - Structured care and clinical governance. Integrated care pathways. Evaluating and adapting practice guidelines for local use: a conceptual framework.
    Section 5: Organisational Culture and the Change Agenda - Organisational culture. Achieving change. Towards sustainable change and improvement.
    Publication Date 13-11-2003
    Pages 312
    Trim 246 X 189 (7 11/16 x 9 7/16)
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