Clinical Naturopathic Medicine, 2nd Edition

By Leah Hechtman, PhD (Cand), MSciMed (RHHG), BHSc, ND
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Written by Leah Hechtman, Clinical Naturopathic Medicine is a foundation clinical text integrating the holistic traditional principles of naturopathic philosophy with the scientific rigour of evidence-based medicine (EBM) to support contemporary practices and principles.

The text addresses all systems of the body and their related common conditions, with clear, accessible directions outlining how a practitioner can understand health from a naturopathic medicine and apply naturopathic medicines to treat patients individually. These treatments include herbal medicine, nutritional medicine and lifestyle recommendations. All chapters are structured by system and then by condition, so readers are easily able to navigate the content by chapter and heading structure.

Key Features
  • Systematic text structure to support reader engagement
  • Integrative naturopathic treatments for all conditions and systems
  • Detailed and extensively referenced interaction tables for nutritional (supplemental and dietary) and herbal medicines,  plus pharmaceutical medications
  • Skilfully bridges foundational traditional principles and practice of naturopathy with evidenced-based medicine to assist readers with their integration into the current healthcare system
ISBN 9780729542425
Product Format Book
Publication Date 2018
Author Information Leah Hechtman, PhD (Cand), MSciMed (RHHG), BHSc, ND, Director, The Natural Health and Fertility Centre Natural Health and Fertility Pty Ltd
Table of Content

Part 1: Principles of Naturopathic Medicine
1. Naturopathic philosophy
2. Principles of herbal medicine
3. Principles of nutritional medicine
4. Diagnostics
5. Case taking and treatment
6. Interactions

Part 2: Naturopathic Treatments
7. Nutritional medicine (supplementation) 
8. Nutritional medicine (dietary)
9. Herbal medicine

Part 3: Body Systems
10. The gastrointestinal system
11. The hepatobiliary system
12. The immune system
13. Ear, nose and throat
14. The respiratory system
15. The Musculoskeletal system
16. The dermatology system
17. The urinary and renal systems
18. The female reproductive System
19. The male reproductive system
20. The cardiovascular system
21. The endocrine system
22. The neurological system
23. The psychological system

Interaction Tables
Dietary Plans

Publication Date 28-09-2018
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