Communication, 4th Edition

By Gjyn O'Toole, MEdStud, BA, GradDipTEFL, DipOT
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Written by Gjyn O'Toole, Communication: Core Interpersonal Skills for Healthcare Professionals 4e is an essential guide to clear and effective communication in a multidisciplinary healthcare setting.

Divided into four sections, the fourth edition challenges the reader to reflect upon their personal communication style and habits; introduces strategies and skills to enhance future practice, and encourages the development of confidence through activities, scenarios and case studies.

This fully revised fourth edition will appeal to health science students and clinicians seeking to communicate more effectively in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.

Key Features
  • A focus on digital communication - includes overviews and tips on navigating professional and personal electronic media
  • Individual and group activities throughout to encourage skill development, reflection and awareness of self and others
  • An extensive suite of scenarios - practise and apply your communication skills using realistic situations and individuals that healthcare professionals encounter in clinical practice

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Student resources:

  • Answers to end-of-chapter review questions
  • Student quiz (True/False)

Instructor resources:

  • PowerPoints
  • Semester Planner
  • Tutorial activities
  • Image bank
  • Student quiz (MCQ's)
ISBN 9780729543255
Product Format Book
Publication Date 2020
Author Information By Gjyn O'Toole, MEdStud, BA, GradDipTEFL, DipOT, Senior Lecturer Occupational Therapy, School of Health Sciences, The University of Newcastle, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Table of Content

Section 1: The significance of effective interpersonal communication of the healthcare professional
1. Effective communication for healthcare professionals: A model to guide communication
2. The overarching goal of communication for healthcare professionals: Person-centred care 
3. The specific goals of communication of healthcare professionals:
1. Introductions and providing information
4. The specific goals of communication of healthcare professionals:
2. Questioning, comforting and confronting
5. The specific goals of communication of healthcare professionals:
3. Effective conclusions of interactions and services: Negotiation closure

Section 2: Achieving effective communication by developing awareness within the healthcare professional
6. Awareness of and the need for reflective practice in healthcare
7. Awareness of self to enhance healthcare communication
8. Awareness of how personal assumptions affect healthcare communication
9. Awareness of the 'Person/s' for healthcare communication
10. Awareness of the effects of non-verbal communication for the healthcare professional
11. Awareness of listening to facilitate Person/s-centred communication in healthcare
12. Awareness of different environments affecting communication in healthcare

Section 3: Managing realities of communication as a healthcare professional
13. Holistic communication resulting in holistic healthcare
14. Conflict and communication for the healthcare professional
15. Culturally effective communication in healthcare
16. Communicating with Indigenous Peoples as a healthcare professional
17. Misunderstandings and communication for the healthcare professional
18. Ethical communication in healthcare
19. Remote or long-distance healthcare communication:
a. The unseen healthcare professional
20. Remote or long-distance healthcare communication:
b. The seen, but not-in-the-room healthcare professional
21. Documentation: 'one-way' professional healthcare communication
22. Social media or 'not present in person' communication and the healthcare professional

Section 4: Scenarios to guide communication: opportunities for healthcare professionals to practise communicating effectively with 'the Person/s'
23. Person/s experiencing strong negative emotions
24. Person/s in particular stages of the lifespan
25. Person/s fulfilling particular life roles
26. Person/s experiencing particular conditions 
27. Person/s in particular contexts

Publication Date 05-05-2020
Pages 420
Trim 235 x 191 (7 1/2 x 9 1/4)
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