Craniosynostosis: Current Perspectives, An Issue of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics of North America, E-Book

Edited by Srinivas M. Susarla, DMD, MD, MPH
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In this issue of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Clinics, guest editor Dr. Seenu Susarla brings his considerable expertise to the topic of Management of Craniosynostosis. Devoted for the first time solely to this broad and challenging topic, this issue presents expert coverage of the history, genetics, pathophysiology, and multidisciplinary surgical management of all the major craniosynostosis syndromes. 

Key Features
  • Contains 12 relevant, practice-oriented topics including multidisciplinary care considerations for patients with craniosynostosis; syndromic synostosis: cranial vault expansion in infancy; syndromic synostosis: frontofacial surgery; syndromic synostosis: subcranial surgery; syndromic synostosis: orthognathic surgery; and more. 

  • Provides in-depth clinical reviews on management of craniosynostosis, offering actionable insights for clinical practice. 

  • Presents the latest information on this timely, focused topic under the leadership of experienced editors in the field. Authors synthesize and distill the latest research and practice guidelines to create clinically significant, topic-based reviews. 

ISBN 9780323920032
Product Format Ebook
Publication Date 2022
Author Information Edited by Srinivas M. Susarla, DMD, MD, MPH, Seattle Children's Hospital, Craniofacial Center, Ocean 9
Table of Content Historical Perspectives on the Management of Craniosynostosis
Epidemiology, Genetics, and Pathophysiology of Craniosynostosis
Multidisciplinary Care Considerations for Patients with Craniosynostosis
Fronto-Orbital Advancement for Metopic and Unilateral Coronal Craniosynostoses
Management of Unicoronal and Metopic Synostoses: Minimally Invasive Approaches
Management of Sagittal and Lambdoid Craniosynostosis: Open Cranial Vault Expansion and Remodeling
Management of Sagittal and Lambdoid Craniosynostosis: Minimally Invasive Approaches
Management of Minor Suture Craniosynostosis
Syndromic Craniosynostosis: Cranial Vault Expansion in Infancy
Syndromic Synostosis: Frontofacial Surgery
Subcranial Midface Advancement in Patients with Syndromic Craniosynostosis
Orthognathic Surgery in Patients with Syndromic Craniosynostosis
Publication Date 11-08-2022
Pages 240
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