Endoscopic Ear Surgery, An Issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America

Edited by Manuela Fina, MD, Justin S. Golub, MD, MS and Daniel Lee, MD
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This issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics, Guest Edited by Drs. Manuela Fina, Justin S. Golub, and Daniel Lee, is devoted to Endoscopic Ear Surgery. This issue is one of six selected each year by our series Consulting Editor, Sujana S. Chandrasekhar. Articles in this important issue include: History of Endoscopic Ear Surgery; Endoscopes and Exoscopes for Otology and Neurotology; Redefining middle ear anatomy and physiology; Getting started with Endoscopic Ear Surgery; Otoendoscopy in the Office and Operating Room; Teaching Tools for Endoscopic Ear Surgery; Endoscopic Myringoplasty and Tympanoplasty; Novel Radiologic Approaches for Cholesteatoma Detection; Endoscopic Ear Surgery for Congenital Cholesteatoma; Endoscopic Management of Pediatric Chronic Ear Disease; Endoscopic Management of Acquired Cholesteatoma; Endoscopic Stapes Surgery; Endoscopic-assisted Lateral Skull Base Surgery; New Navigation Approaches for Endoscopic Lateral Skull Base Surgery; Endoscopic-assisted Drug Delivery for Inner Ear Regeneration; Pearls and pitfall in Endoscopic Ear Surgery; Future of Endoscopic Ear Surgery; and The Role for Microsurgery of the Ear.
ISBN 9780323757003
Author Information Edited by Manuela Fina, MD, University of Minnesota ; Justin S. Golub, MD, MS, University of Minnesota and Daniel Lee, MD, Harvard Medical School
Publication Date 24-11-2020
Pages 240
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