Essentials of Ophthalmic Lens Finishing, 2nd Edition

By Clifford W. Brooks, OD
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  • Seven new chapters cover changes in the lens industry, lens insertion, rimless and semi-rimless frames, and lens tinting and engraving
  • Contains a centration skills booklet for practicing lens edging layout
  • Proficiency tests for self-assessment included with each chapter
  • Both opticians and optometrists are trained to grind and polish lenses and then to take the surfaced lens and finish it by centering it optically and grinding the edges so that the lens fits in the shape of the chosen frame. Thoroughly revised and updated with seven new chapters to cover changes in the industry, this 2nd edition provides a step-by-step understanding of lens finishing for the optometrist or optician.
    ISBN 9780750672139
    Product Format Book
    Author Information By Clifford W. Brooks, OD, Professor and Director of the Optometric Technician program, University of Indiana, School of Optometry, Bloomington, USA
    Published Reviews REVIEW OF CURRENT EDITION:

    "Most optical books presume the reader has some basic knowledge to build upon. This book, however, makes no assumptions and guides the reader through the steps necessary to become proficient with the foundations of everyday optics. The author did a very commendable job in achieving these important and necessary objectives. Learning optics can be intimidating for many but this book simplifies the important concepts in a succinct and easy to follow format. Every office that hires opticians or optical assistants should have a copy of this book."
    -Doody Enterprises

    "This book, accurately titled, is a detailed compendium of information required to understand lens finishing in an ophthalmic laboratory. The book is comprehensively written from the viewpoint of physically performing the activities and processes in a finishing laboratory. The most impressive aspect of this book is the thoroughness and extreme attention to detail. It is difficult to imagine a specialty situation or nuance that is not addressed in this book. Each chapter is enhanced with a liberal number of figures and photographs that are very useful."
    - Optometry and Vision Science - VOL. 81

    Table of Content 1. An Overview of the Fabrication Process
    2. Spotting of Lenses
    3. Lens Shapes, Patterns and Frame Tracers
    4. Centration of Single Vision Lenses
    5. Centration of Progressive Addition Lenses NEW!
    6. Centration of Segmented Multifocal Lenses
    7. Blocking of Lenses
    8. Edging
    9. De-blocking
    10. Hand Edging
    11. Lens Tinting NEW!
    12. Lens Insertion and Standard Alignment NEW!
    13. Drilled, Slotted and Notched Mountings NEW!
    14. Nylon Cord and Other Groove-Mountings NEW!
    15. Lens Impact Resistance and Testing NEW!
    16. Maintenance and Calibration
    17. Edger Wheels and Cutters
    18. Safety and Environmental Concerns NEW!
    Proficiency Test Questions Key
    Lens Centration Skills Series
    Publication Date 08-07-2003
    Pages 496
    Trim 8.3125 x 10.875
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