Exercise on Prescription

By John P. Buckley, BPE, MSc, PhD, BASES, Accr, Jane Holmes, MCSP, MSc and Gareth Mapp, BA(Hons), MSc
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  • Covers traditional and contemporary approaches
  • Many easy-to-use charts for the calculation of exercise intensities and aerobic exercise programmes
  • Well referenced and thoroughly tested
  • Exercise on Prescription is a practical guide for all practitioners assessing, designing and implementing exercise programmes to improve cardiovascular health.
    ISBN 9780750632881
    Author Information By John P. Buckley, BPE, MSc, PhD, BASES, Accr, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Exercise & Nutrition Science, University of Chester; Founding Managing Partner, Lifestyle Exercise & Physiotherapy Centre, Shrewsbury, UK; Jane Holmes, MCSP, MSc, Lecturer, Department of Physiotherapy Studies, Keele University, Staffordshire, UK; and Gareth Mapp, BA(Hons), MSc, Sports and Exercise Science Consultant, Lifestyle Fitness, Shrewbury.
    Published Reviews "...a practical guide for people prescribing cardiovascular or aerobic activity "on the front line with real clients." [...] The greatest strength of this book is its practical focus. [...] This book provides clear protocols for assessing aerobic capacity that can be carried out in any clinical setting. In addition, it contains user-friendly tables for many of the tests, thus eliminating the need for a clinician to perform complicated calculations. [...] ...many physiotherapists will find this a useful book which will contribute to their knowledge and skill in prescribing aerobic exercise for health."New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy, July 2000
    the book there are useful figures, tables and charts for the practitioner, with critical comment to ensure appropriate selection of assessment tools. Importantly, the pharmaceutical interaction with exercise are considered. ... I would strongly recommend the text as a valuable source for cardiovascular exercise prescription." Adrian Taylor, Senior Lecturer in Sports Exercise Science, University of Brighton, Manual Therapy, January 2000
    book is written in clear, easy-to-read and accessible language, and avoids excessive use of jargon. [...] This is a logically organised and clearly presented book, which would be extremely useful for physiotherapists who are involved in rehabilitation programmes, and also for those physiotherapists who wish to take the opportunity to advise individual patients to increase their physical activity, and adopt a more active lifestyle."Physiotherapy, June 2000
    highly recommend this outstanding text to all exercise professionals as they strive to provide optimal exercise/physical activity recommendations to the clients they counsel.

    Three authorities in exercise science and physiotherapy have, via a unique collaboration, provided substantial reinforcement of exercise and increased physical activity to promote cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health and fitness.
    Their emphasis on physiological and perceptual responses to modulate the exercise intensity, coupled with a thorough and comprehensive discussion on prescribing activity for health and fitness, provides a practical guide for exercise professionals working 'on the front line' with real clients. The chapter entitled 'Psychological aspects of physical activity and exercise' includes contemporary information regarding the progressive stages of readiness for behavior change, which has important implications to enhance exercise compliance.
    User friendly tables and charts which eliminate many of the tedious calculations to effectively quantitate fitness and establish safe and effective exercise regimens, warrant particular commendation.
    Challenges for a future edition include expanding the section on increasing activity in daily living and providing even more information of adjunctive flexibility and resistance training.
    I highly recommend this outstanding text to all exercise professionals as they strive to provide optimal exercise/physical activity recommendations to the clients they counsel." Barry A Franklin PhD, Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Exercise Laboratories, Professor of Physiology, Wayne State University, School of Medicine, President-Elect, American College of Sports Medicine.
    good - meets the requirements of the module/course. Readable, good relevant content. Correct and appropriate level for undergraduate work." R Ramsbottom, Senior Lecturer, School of Biological & Molecular Sciences, Oxford Brookes University, Headington, Oxford.
    is a well written text with plenty of supporting tables and figures to illuminate the information presented. If you are interested in the value and practicalities of cardiovascular health assessment and exercise prescription this book should be on your shelf." Keith George PhD, Manchester Metropolitan University, Physiotherapy in Sport, Volume XXII, Number 3, November 1999
    Table of Content Preface; Introduction; The links between health, physical activity and exercise; Psychology: the keystone to activity and its role in mental wellness; The science of aerobic exercise; The importance of understanding training status; Monitoring exercise responses with heart rates, ratings of perceived exertion and blood pressure; Prescribing activity and exercise for health and for fitness using heart rate and ratings of perceived exertion; Protocols for measuring and estimating aerobic capacity and VO2 Max; User friendly charts to prescribe exercise with aerobic exercise machines from VO2 Max; Orthopaedic considerations for aerobic exercise; The health and exercise consultation
    Publication Date 22-12-1998
    Pages 256
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