ExpertDDX: Head and Neck, 2nd Edition

By Bernadette L. Koch, MD and Bronwyn E. Hamilton, MD
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Now fully revised and up-to-date, Expert DDx: Head and Neck, 2nd edition, quickly guides you to the most likely differential diagnoses based on key imaging findings and clinical information. Expert radiologists Bernadette L. Koch, MD and Bronwyn E. Hamilton, MD present more than 160 cases across a broad spectrum of head and neck diseases, classified by specific anatomic locations, generic imaging findings, modality-specific findings, and clinically based indications. Readers will find authoritative, superbly illustrated guidance for defining and reporting useful, actionable differential diagnoses that lead to definitive findings in every area of the head and neck.

Key Features
  • Presents at least eight clear, sharp, succinctly annotated images for each diagnosis (more than 2,500 annotated images in all); a list of diagnostic possibilities sorted as common, less common, and rare but important; and brief, bulleted text offering helpful diagnostic clues
  • Shows both typical and variant manifestations of each possible diagnosis
  • Includes new cases, expanded differential considerations, new references, and updated imaging throughout
  • Covers hot topics such as the evolving role of imaging with respect to many head and neck conditions, new ACR white paper recommendations on incidental thyroid nodule work-up, an expanding number of recognized genetic and syndromic diseases, updated information about IgG-4 related disease imaging manifestations in the head & neck, and how progressive information on HPV-related head and neck cancer impacts prognosis and treatment
  • Expert Consult™ eBook version included with purchase, which allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices
ISBN 9780323554053
Author Information By Bernadette L. Koch, MD, Associate Director of Radiology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Professor of Clinical Radiology and Pediatrics, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio and Bronwyn E. Hamilton, MD, Professor of Radiology, Director of Head & Neck Radiology, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, Oregon
Table of Content


Koch and Hamilton, Expert DDx Head and Neck

Suprahyoid & Infrahyoid

Anatomically Based Differentials

Parapharyngeal Space Lesion

Pharyngeal Mucosal Space Lesion, Nasopharynx

Pharyngeal Mucosal Space Lesion, Oropharynx

Masticator Space Lesion

Buccal Space Lesion

Parotid Space Mass

Carotid Space Lesion

Carotid Artery Lesion

Perivertebral Space Lesion

Brachial Plexus Lesion

Visceral Space Lesion

Cervical Tracheal Lesion

Tracheoesophageal Groove Lesion

Posterior Cervical Space Lesion

Cervicothoracic Junction Lesion

TMJ Mass Lesions

Calcified TMJ Lesions

TMJ Cysts

Generic Imaging Patterns

Diffuse Parotid Disease

Multiple Parotid Masses

Focal Retropharyngeal Space Mass

Diffuse Retropharyngeal Space Disease

Diffuse Thyroid Enlargement

Focal Thyroid Mass

Invasive Thyroid Mass

Clinically Based Differentials

Cheek Mass


Oral Cavity, Mandible & Maxilla

Anatomically Based Differentials

Oral Mucosal Space/Surface Lesion

Sublingual Space Lesion

Submandibular Space Lesion

Submandibular Gland Lesion

Root of Tongue Lesion

Hard Palate Lesion

Maxillary Bone Lesion

Generic Imaging Patterns

Tooth-Related Mass, Sclerotic

Tooth-Related Mass, Cystic

Modality-Specific Imaging Findings

Low-Density Jaw Lesion, Sharply Marginated (CT)

Low-Density Jaw Lesion, Poorly Marginated (CT)

Ground-Glass Lesions of Mandible & Maxilla (CT)

Hypopharynx & Larynx

Anatomically Based Differentials

Hypopharyngeal Lesion

Laryngeal Lesion

Generic Imaging Patterns

Epiglottic Enlargement

Diffuse Laryngeal Swelling

Subglottic Stenosis

Clinically Based Differentials

Vocal Cord Paralysis (Left)

Vocal Cord Paralysis (Right)

Stridor in Child

Lymph Nodes

Generic Imaging Patterns

Enlarged Lymph Nodes in Neck in Adult

Avidly Enhancing Lymph Nodes

Enlarged Lymph Nodes in Neck of Child

Transspatial, Multispatial, or Multilocation in Head and Neck

Generic Imaging Patterns

Air-Containing Lesions in Neck

Solid Neck Mass in Infant

Solid Neck Mass in Child

Cystic Neck Mass in Child

Cystic-Appearing Neck Masses in Adult

Transspatial Mass in Child

Transspatial Neck Mass

Modality-Specific Imaging Findings

Hyperdense Neck Lesion (CT)

Low-Density Neck Lesion (CT)

Hypervascular Neck Lesion (CT/MR)

Clinically Based Differentials

Angle of Mandible Mass

Supraclavicular Mass

Sinus and Nose

Anatomically Based Differentials

Sinonasal Anatomic Variants

Generic Imaging Patterns

Nasal Septal Perforation

Congenital Midline Nasal Lesion

Fibroosseous & Cartilaginous Lesions

Inflammatory Patterns of Sinusitis

Multiple Sinonasal Lesions

Expansile Sinonasal Lesion

Nasal Lesion With Bone Destruction

Nasal Lesion Without Bone Destruction

Sinus Lesion Without Bone Destruction

Sinus Lesion With Bone Destruction

Facial Bone Lesion

Modality-Specific Imaging Findings

Hyperdense Disease in Sinus Lumen (CT)

Calcified Sinonasal Lesion (CT)

T2 Hypointense Sinus Lesion (MR)

Clinically Based Differentials

Nasal Obstruction in Newborn



Traumatic Lesions of Face


Anatomically Based Differentials

Preseptal Lesion

Ocular Lesion, Adult

Ocular Lesion, Child

Optic Nerve-Sheath Lesion

Intraconal Mass

Extraconal Mass

Lacrimal Gland Lesion

Orbital Wall Lesion

Generic Imaging Patterns



Optic Nerve Sheath Tram-Track Sign

Extraocular Muscle Enlargement

Large Superior Ophthalmic Vein(s)

Ill-Defined Orbital Mass

Cystic Orbital Lesions

Vascular Lesions of Orbit

Accidental Foreign Bodies in Orbit

Surgical Devices & Treatment Effects in Orbit

Modality-Specific Imaging Findings

Intraocular Calcifications (CT)

Clinically Based Differentials


Painless Proptosis in Adult

Painful Proptosis in Adult

Rapidly Developing Proptosis in Child

Infectious & Inflammatory Orbital Lesions

Extraocular Orbital Mass in Child

Temporal Bone

Anatomically Based Differentials

External Auditory Canal Lesion

Middle Ear Lesion, Child

Middle Ear Lesion, Adult

Inner Ear Lesion, Adult

Petrous Apex Lesion

Inner Ear Lesion, Child

Facial Nerve Lesion, Temporal Bone

Generic Imaging Patterns

Enhancing Middle Ear Lesions

Expansile-Destructive Petrous Apex Lesion

Bony Lesions of Temporal Bone

Clinically Based Differentials

Conductive Hearing Loss

Peripheral Facial Nerve Paralysis

Vascular Retrotympanic Mass

Pulsatile Tinnitus

Traumatic Lesions of Temporal Bone

Secondary (Referred) Otalgia

Skull Base

Anatomically Based Differentials

Normal Skull Base Venous Variants

Skull Base Foraminal or Canal Variants

Congenital Anomalies of Skull Base

Intrinsic Skull Base Lesion

Anterior Skull Base Lesion

Cribriform Plate Lesion

Central Skull Base Lesion

Sellar/Parasellar Mass With Skull Base Invasion

Unilateral Cavernous Sinus Mass

Bilateral Cavernous Sinus Mass

Meckel Cave Lesion

Posterior Skull Base Lesion

Clival Lesion

Jugular Foramen Lesion

Dural Sinus Lesion, General

Foramen Magnum Mass

CPA-IAC & Posterior Fossa

Anatomically Based Differentials

Small Internal Auditory Canal

Large Internal Auditory Canal

CPA Mass, Adult

Prepontine Cistern Mass

Cisterna Magna Mass

Posterior Fossa Neoplasm, Adult

Posterior Fossa Neoplasm, Pediatric

Generic Imaging Patterns

Cystic CPA Mass

Clinically Based Differentials

Hemifacial Spasm

Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Adult

Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Child

Cranial Nerve & Brainstem

Anatomically Based Differentials

Midbrain Lesion

Pontine Lesion

Medulla Lesion

Clinically Based Differentials

Monocular Vision Loss

Bitemporal Heteronymous Hemianopsia

Homonymous Hemianopsia

Oculomotor, Trochlear, or Abducens Neuropathy

Trigeminal Neuropathy

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Complex Cranial Nerve IX-XII Neuropathy

Hypoglossal Neuropathy

Horner Syndrome

Generic Imaging Patterns

Enhancing Cranial Nerve(s)

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