EXPERTddx: Pediatrics, 2nd Edition

By A. Carlson Merrow, Jr., MD, FAAP
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Now fully revised and up to date, ExpertDDx: Pediatrics, second edition, quickly guides you to the most likely differential diagnoses based on key imaging findings and clinical information. Designed with the busy practitioner in mind, this superbly illustrated resource covers more than 1,500 diagnoses encountered by pediatric radiologists and their referring clinicians, discussed by general imaging features, modality-specific findings, and clinically based indications. The broad spectrum of coverage includes cardiac, chest, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, brain, head and neck, and spine pediatric diseases-all clearly presented to guide you through useful, actionable differential diagnoses that lead to definitive findings.

Key Features
  • Presents multiple clear, sharp, succinctly annotated images for each diagnosis (with nearly 3,000 annotated images in all); a list of diagnostic possibilities sorted as common, less common, and rare but significant; and brief, bulleted text offering helpful diagnostic clues
  • Shows both typical and variant manifestations of each possible diagnosis
  • Includes new cases, expanded differential considerations, updated nomenclature and classification of diseases, and updated imaging throughout
  • Covers new and evolving workup strategies due to recent study and experience, advances in technology (new modalities, sequences, and contrast agents), and changing safety considerations
  • Includes the Expert Consult™ eBook version, which features a wealth of electronic-only images and allows you to search all the book's text, figures, and references on a variety of devices
ISBN 9780323681773
Author Information By A. Carlson Merrow, Jr., MD, FAAP, Corning Benton Chair for Radiology Education, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio
Table of Content

 High-Output Heart Failure
 Massive Cardiomegaly
 Cardiac or Pericardial Mass
 Acyanotic Heart Disease With Increased Vascularity
 Cyanotic Heart Disease With Decreased Vascularity
 Cyanotic Heart Disease With Variable or Increased Vascularity
 Right Atrial Enlargement
 Right Ventricular Enlargement
 Small Pulmonary Artery
 Prominent Pulmonary Artery
 Left Atrial Enlargement
 Left Heart Obstructive Lesion
 Congenital Aortic Arch Anomalies
 Obstructive Aortic Arch Lesions
 Dilated Thoracic Aorta
 Situs Anomalies

 Reticulonodular Infiltrate
 Neonatal Irregular Lung Opacities
 Bubbly Lungs
 Unilateral Hyperlucent Lung
 Bilateral Hyperlucent Lungs
 Lung Cavity
 Lucent Lung Mass
 Round Lung Mass
 Multiple Pulmonary Nodules
 Neonatal Chest Mass
 Chest Wall Mass
 Rib Lesion
 Mediastinal Widening
 Anterior Mediastinal Mass
 Middle Mediastinal Mass
 Posterior Mediastinal Mass
 Esophageal Stricture
 Esophageal Extrinsic Impressions

 Neonatal Proximal Bowel Obstruction
 Neonatal Distal Bowel Obstruction
 Dilated Stomach
 Duodenal Obstruction
 Small Bowel Obstructions Beyond Neonates
 Diffusely Abnormal Small Bowel
 Acute Abdomen in Infants and Children
 Right Lower Quadrant Pain
 Abnormal Appendix
 Mesenteric Lesions
 Cystic Abdominal Mass
 Abdominal Mass in Neonate
 Solid Abdominal Mass in Child
 Abdominal Aortic Anomalies
 Hepatic Mass in Neonate
 Hepatic Mass in Child
 Multiple Liver Lesions
 Pancreatic Mass
 Splenic Lesions
 Abdominal Calcifications in Child
 Metallic Foreign Bodies

 Retroperitoneal Mass
 Suprarenal Mass
 Solid Renal Mass, Solitary
 Solid Renal Mass, Multifocal
 Renal Cysts
 Bilateral Hydronephrosis
 Unilateral Hydronephrosis
 Pelvic Mass
 Ovarian Mass
 Scrotal Mass
 Scrotal Pain
 Bladder Mass
 Urethral Variations and Abnormalities

 Epiphyseal Irregularity or Stippling
 Epiphyseal Overgrowth
 Dense Metaphyseal Bands and Lines
 Lucent Metaphyseal Bands and Lines
 Metaphyseal Fraying/Irregularity
 Metaphyseal Cupping
 Physeal Widening
 Physeal Bridge/Growth Arrest
 Bubbly Bone Lesion
 Multifocal Nonaggressive Bone Lesions
 Multifocal Aggressive Bone Lesions
 Extensive Marrow Abnormalities
 Diaphyseal Lesion
 Sclerotic Bone Lesions
 Painful Hip
 Abnormal Femoral Head
 Coxa Magna Deformity
 Joint Effusion or Synovitis
 Arthritis in Child
 Elbow Fractures
 Radial Dysplasia/Aplasia
 Lower Extremity Bowing
 Congenital Foot Deformity
 Skeletal Dysplasia With Short Extremities
 Skeletal Dysplasia With Short Ribs
 Skeletal Dysplasia With Major Spine Involvement
 Focal Gigantism/Macrodactyly
 Soft Tissue Mass
 Soft Tissue Calcifications
 Multifocal Periosteal Reaction
 Child Abuse

 Subarachnoid Space Normal Variants
 Intracranial Hemorrhage
 Suprasellar Mass
 Pineal Mass
 Cerebral Hemisphere Mass
 Lateral Ventricular Mass
 Posterior Fossa Neoplasm
 Cystic-Appearing Posterior Fossa Lesion
 Extraaxial Mass
 Brain Tumor in Newborn or Infant
 Thick Cerebral Cortex
 Abnormal Shape/Configuration of Corpus Callosum
 Signal/Attenuation Abnormalities of Corpus Callosum
 Abnormal Brainstem Morphology
 Congenital Cerebellar Malformation
 Intracranial Calcifications
 Multifocal White Matter Abnormalities
 Metabolic Disorders Affecting Primarily White Matter
 Diffuse Abnormalities of Myelination
 Deep Gray Nuclei Abnormalities
 Ring-Enhancing Lesions
 Craniocervical Arterial Stenosis
 Sulcal or Cisternal Enhancement
 Skull Base Lesion

Head and Neck
 Thickened Retropharyngeal Tissues
 Enlarged Lymph Nodes in Neck
 Solid Neck Mass in Neonate
 Solid Neck Mass in Child
 Cystic Neck Mass in Child
 Transspatial Mass
 Extraluminal Gas in Neck
 Ocular Lesion
 Optic Nerve or Nerve Sheath Lesion
 Rapidly Developing Proptosis
 Sinonasal Mass
 Congenital Midline Nasal Lesion
 Nasal Obstruction in Newborn
 Congenital Anomalies of Skull Base
 Sensorineural Hearing Loss in Child
 Inner Ear Lesion in Child
 Middle Ear Lesion in Child

 Bullet-Shaped Vertebra/Anterior Vertebral Body Beaking
 Scalloped Vertebral Bodies
 Vertebra Plana or Platyspondyly
 Back Pain
 Spinal Dysraphic Lesion
 Presacral or Sacrococcygeal Mass
 Intramedullary Spinal Cord Lesion


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