Feline Medicine - review and test

By Samantha Taylor and Andrea Harvey
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    • 70+ clinical cases fully developed and followed through in quick reprisal format
    • Focuses on needs of the general practitioner and of the student
    • Panel of international experts contribute cases
    • A selection of the cases is presented for on-the-go review on the mobile-optimized website
    • Over 250 colour illustrations
    • Handy manual sized format with flexicover

Unlike many feline self-assessment reviews, Feline Medicine - Review & Test goes in-depth into more than 70 clinical cases from a panel of international experts. This handy manual covers common health conditions in cats with descriptive and diagnostic images and clinical and laboratory data. It challenges you to formulate a differential diagnosis, suggest a recommended therapy pathway, provide an educated prognosis, and propose ways of prevention - then reveals the definitive diagnosis, treatment, preventative medicine, and final comments at the end of each case. You can also self-test on the go with the mobile-optimized companion website.

Key Features
  • More than 70 clinical cases presented in a convenient, quick-reference format 
  • Focuses on the needs of the general practitioner and the student to ensure it is of daily practical relevance.
  • Panel of international experts contribute cases and offer authoritative guidance on the treatment of a variety of conditions ranging from the everyday to more unusual. 
  • Mobile-optimized companion website allows you to easily self-test on the go.
  • Organized in a handy manual format with a flexicover that veterinary students can carry with them on clinical days, and veterinary surgeons an use as a reference in clinical practice. 
  • 265 full-color illustrations help engage and guide you through each case. 
  • Recommended list of further reading at the end of the book offers additional consultative information on the medical conditions addressed.
ISBN 9780702045875
Author Informaiton By Samantha Taylor and Andrea Harvey
Published Reviews

"This book offers a new concept that will be of great help to many practitioners ... It also offers a great opportunity for self-assessment in the areas covered"

Table of Content 1. Dermatological Disorders
2. GI and Hepatic Disorders
3. Haematological Disorders
4. Respiratory Disorders
5. Urinary Tract Disorders
6. Endocrinological Disorders
7. Neurological Disorders
8. Toxicity and Trauma
9. Miscellaneous Disorders
Publication Date 25-02-2015
Pages 382
Trim 216 x 138
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