Function Preservation in Laryngeal Cancer, An Issue of Otolaryngologic Clinics of North America

By Babak Sadoughi , MD
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Cancers of the larynx, while survival outcomes increase, result in massive treatment damage from radiation and surgery. Patients often lose ability to speak and to eat. Preserving the larynx is a fine balance of cancer eradication, life extension, and quality of life. This issueof Otolaryngologic Clinics led by Dr Babak Sadoughi should be of interest to Otolaryngologists, Oncologists, Radiologists, and Speech Therapists. The issue approach reaches all the most important aspects of diagnosing and treating the patient with laryngeal cancer with a focus on preserving the voice in early laryngeal cancer and preserving and restoring function in advanced laryngeal cancer. Topics include: Functional Anatomy and Oncological Barriers of the Larynx; Evaluation of the Dysphonic Patient; Role of Advanced Laryngeal Imaging in Glottic Cancer; Laryngeal Function after Radiation Therapy; Management of Dysphonia after Radiation Therapy; Contemporary Surgical Management of Early Glottic Cancer; Voice Prognosis after Transoral Laser Microsurgery of the Larynx; Voice Rehabilitation after Transoral Laser Microsurgery of the Larynx; Quality of Life after Conservation Surgery for Laryngeal Cancer; Salvage Conservation Surgery of the Larynx; Airway Preservation in Ablative Laryngeal Surgery; Voice Restoration after Total Laryngectomy. A special article for Residents, written by a Resident, emphasizes essential "take home messages" for laryngeal function preservation diagnosis and treatment.

ISBN 9780323389006
Author Information By Babak Sadoughi , MD, Mount Sinai Beth Israel
Publication Date 10-08-2015
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