Jubb, Kennedy & Palmer's Pathology of Domestic Animals: 3-Volume Set , 6th Edition

By Grant Maxie, DVM, PhD, DipACVP
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  • Thoroughly revised text, including new or evolving pathogens and new diagnostic techniques.
  • Approximately 880 new illustrations
  • Maintains the currency of the text, assists the reader in putting new conditions into perspective.
  • Updating of the Bibliography on each subject gives readers new entry points into the rapidly expanding literature on each subject.
  • Illustrations of new conditions or agents.
  • Reader-friendliness improved through highlighting of text, bullet-point lists, italics, diagnostic hints.
  • With an emphasis on the disease conditions of dogs, cats, horses, swine, cattle and small ruminants, Jubb, Kennedy, and Palmer's Pathology of Domestic Animals, 6th Edition continues its long tradition of being the most comprehensive reference book on common domestic mammal pathology. Using a body systems approach, veterinary pathology experts provide overviews of general system characteristics, reactions to insult, and disease conditions that are broken down by type of infectious or toxic insult affecting the anatomical subdivisions of each body system. The sixth edition now boasts a new full-color design, including more than 2,000 high-resolution images of normal and abnormal organs, tissues, and cells. Updated content also includes evolved coverage of disease agents such as the Schmallenberg virus, porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, and the porcine deltacoronavirus; plus new information on molecular-based testing, including polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and in-situ hybridization, keep you abreast of the latest diagnostic capabilities.

    Key Features
    • Updated content includes new and evolving pathogens and diagnostic techniques.
    • Updated bibliographies give readers new entry points into the rapidly expanding literature on each subject.
    ISBN 9780702053221
    Author Information By Grant Maxie, DVM, PhD, DipACVP, Manager Director, Animal Health Laboratory, Laboratory Services Division, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada
    Published Reviews 'Much easier to read' was the important conclusion I came to, having spent a little time looking at the latest edition of 'Jubb and Kennedy'. The relatively simple step of increasing line spacing, and the use of subheadings and bullet points, makes reading any of the volumes of this edition much less daunting. The contents are arranged into 'body systems', and include aspects of the incidence and manifestation of different diseases in different tissues and organs. The improved format will ensure that it will continue to be used by pathologists, perhaps in particular, those undergoing training; some introductory sections bring together a lot of useful, as well as interesting, background information.

    The Veterinary Record, October 2008
    Table of Content

    VOLUME 1
    1. Introduction to the diagnostic process
    1.2. Bones and joints
    2.3. Muscle and tendon
    3.4. Nervous system
    4.5. Special senses
    5.6. Skin and appendages

    VOLUME 2
    1. Alimentary system and peritoneum
    2. Liver and biliary system
    3. Pancreas
    4. Urinary system
    5. Respiratory system

    VOLUME 3
    1. Cardiovascular system
    2. Hematopoietic system
    3. Endocrine glands
    4. Female genital system
    5. Male genital system

    Publication Date 25-09-2015
    Pages 2456
    Trim 276 x 216 (8 1/2 x 10 7/8)
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