LaFleur Brooks' Health Unit Coordinating, 7th Edition

By Elaine A. Gillingham, AAS, BA, CHUC and Monica Wadsworth Seibel, BS, MEd, CHUC
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  • Chapter Outlines introduce the topics for each chapter, and Chapter Objectives provide goals you should achieve by the end of the chapter.
  • Abbreviation Exercises accompanying the abbreviation list for each chapter provide an opportunity to practice and become familiar with the abbreviations you need to know.
  • Test your knowledge of what you've learned with Review Questions at the end of each chapter.
  • Think About topics test your ability to problem solve with situations you might encounter in practice.
  • Thought-provoking Scenarios present realistic situations to help you learn the role and responsibilities of health unit coordinators and prepare for conflicts that can occur on the job.
  • Take Note boxes reinforce key information from the chapter with summaries and new information to help you better understand the material.
  • Doctors' Orders show real examples of doctors' orders with explanations and interpretations to help you prepare for situations in practice.

Get the most comprehensive, in-depth coverage on health unit coordinating from the industry's most popular text! Expert authors Elaine Gillingham and Monica Wadsworth Seibel offer in-depth discussion of key theories and concepts surrounding the profession and guide you through the common responsibilities of a health unit coordinator in both traditional and electronic medical record environments. From greeting new patients and dealing with visitors to transcribing physicians' orders, maintaining statistical reports, and preparing patient charts, this text will prepare you for success across all areas of health unit coordination.

Key Features
  • Certification Review Guide with mock certification exam is included on the Evolve site with every purchase of the book.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to perform important procedures include in-depth explanations of key tasks and possible modifications that would meet special requirements.
  • High Priority boxes throughout the text offer useful information such as lists of addresses, organizations, laboratory studies, hospital specialties, health unit coordinator career ladders, helpful hints, and more, related to chapter discussions.
  • Example boxes in the Communication chapters present real-life scenarios that outline the responsibilities of the health unit coordinator in each situation and offer tips on how you can conduct yourself in a professional and helpful manner.
  • Bad handwriting examples give you experience deciphering hard-to-read handwriting that you will encounter in practice.Student-friendly features such as outlines, chapter objectives, vocabulary, and abbreviations are included at the beginning of each chapter to set the stage for the important information to be covered later in the chapter.
  • References within the text to the companion skills practice manual and online tools direct you to hands-on exercises that stress the practical applications of skills and procedures in a simulated health care environment.
ISBN 9781455707201
Product Format Book
Publication Date 2013
Author Information By Elaine A. Gillingham, AAS, BA, CHUC, Program Director (Retired), Health Unit Coordinator Program, GateWay Community College, Phoenix, AZ and Monica Wadsworth Seibel, BS, MEd, CHUC, Program Director, Health Unit Coordinator Program, GateWay Community College, Phoenix, AZ
Table of Content

Section 1: Orientation to Hospitals, Medical Centers, and Health Care

  • 1. Health Unit Coordinating
  • 2. Overview of Health Care Today
  • 3. The Nursing Department and Medical Staff
  • 4. Communication Devices and Their Uses

Section 2: Personal and Professional Skills

  • 5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  • 6. Workplace Behavior
  • 7. Management Techniques and Problem-Solving Skills for Health Unit Coordinating

Section 3: The Patient's Electronis Record or Paper Chart

  • 8. The Patient's Electronic Medical Record or Chart
  • 9. HUC Role in Processing of Electronic, Pre-Printed, and Handwritten Doctors' Orders
  • 10. Patient Activity, Patient Positioning, and Nursing Observation Orders
  • 11. Nursing Intervention or Treatment Orders
  • 12. Nutritional Care Orders
  • 13. Medication Orders
  • 14. Laboratory Orders
  • 15. Diagnostic Imaging Orders
  • 16. Other Diagnostic Studies
  • 17. Treatment Orders
  • 18. Miscellaneous Orders

Section 4: Health Unit Coordinator Procedures

  • 19. Admission, Preoperative, and Postoperative Procedures
  • 20. Discharge, Transfer, and Postmortem Procedures
  • 21. Reports, Infection Control, Emergencies, and Special Services

Section 5: Introduction to Anatomical Structures, Medical Terms, and Illnesses

  • 22. Medical Terminology, Basic Human Structure, Diseases, and Disorders


  • Appendix A: Abbreviations
  • Appendix B: Word Parts
  • Answers
  • Glossary
Publication Date 24-01-2013
Pages 578
Trim 276 x 216 (8 1/2 x 10 7/8)
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