Leading and Managing in Contemporary Health and Social Care

Edited by Elizabeth Anne Rosser, DPhil, MN, RN, RM, Dip N Ed, Dip RM, RNT, PFHEA and Cate Wood, PhD, BSc (Hons), BA, PGCHE, DN, RGN
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  • Comprehensive and authoritative text written by experts in their field
  • Fifteen chapters offer current thinking from a range of different perspectives
  • Presents leadership management theory that can be applied across a wide range of workplaces
  • Includes summary points and case studies for reflection and application
  • Ideal reference for Master's students and those undertaking MBA courses with a focus on health and social care

An understanding of leadership and management theory and practice is integral to the success of a new generation of health and social care professionals, and managers of services. It is equally important for educators in the field. Leading and Managing in Contemporary Health and Social Care by Elizabeth Rosser and Cate Wood supports the development of all health and social care professionals as managers and leaders in today's rapidly evolving environment.

This new title addresses pertinent topics including: integration and enhancement of health and social care services; interprofessional working; the importance of a strong organizational culture; developing individual resilience; leading innovation; and practising successful project and financial management within global and culturally sensitive contexts.

With a growing mandate for health and social care professionals to understand leadership and management within their organizations, and a strong appreciation of these skills by employers, this new book is an important contribution that students and educators alike will welcome.

ISBN 9780702083112
Author Information By Elizabeth Anne Rosser, DPhil, MN, RN, RM, Dip N Ed, Dip RM, RNT, PFHEA, Professor Emeritus, School of Health and Social Care, Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK and Cate Wood, BA, BSc, RGN, DN, PGCHE, FHEA Queens Nurse , Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Management Birmingham City University
Table of Content

1. Introduction Global health and social care, changes in leadership ideology, missed care, global challenges, importance of education and research, global societies

2. Leadership for 21st Century Health and Social Care: Leading innovation: new ways of working (considering nursing, AHPs and social work)

3. Organisational Behaviour/culture

4. Strategic / Executive leadership / the impact of power and politics

5. Strong leadership: the importance of client safety and quality of care(/ service)

6. Managing and leading people and teams - Building strong teams

7. Resilience/managing self and managing risk

8. Leadership and Sustainability - styles, fit for purpose

9. Information/ communication Management (IT/data/ audit)

10. Financial Management

11. Leading and managing change & project management - real world issues (could be two chapters)

12. Education /The importance of mentorship for success

13. Global and Local Challenges: ethics and responsibility

14. Future implications for health and social care leadership

Publication Date 21-04-2022
Pages 196
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