Lyme Disease and the Expanded Spectrum of Blacklegged Tick-Borne Infections, An Issue of Infectious Disease Clinics of North America, E-Book

Edited by Robert P. Smith, MD, MPH
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In this issue of Infectious Disease Clinics of North America, guest editor Dr. Robert P. Smith brings his considerable expertise to the topic of Lyme Disease and the Expanding Spectrum of Associated Tick-Borne Illness. With a primary focus on Lyme disease and its complications, the thorough reviews in this issue will also discuss the epidemiology, clinical presentations, diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of other infections transmitted by the black-legged tick in North America. The complexity of the public narrative of these diseases will also be addressed with an eye toward providing the clinician with a context for response. 

Key Features
  • Contains 14 practice-oriented topics including early Lyme disease: erythema migrans and Its mimics; Lyme arthritis; neurologic Lyme disease: four common fallacies and three diagnostic requirements; persistent symptoms in patients with treated Lyme disease; ID specialists approach to consultation in patients referred for refractory illness attributed to tick-borne disease; and more. 

  • Provides in-depth clinical reviews on Lyme disease and the expanding spectrum of associated tick-borne illness, offering actionable insights for clinical practice. 

  • Presents the latest information on this timely, focused topic under the leadership of experienced editors in the field. Authors synthesize and distill the latest research and practice guidelines to create clinically significant, topic-based reviews. 

ISBN 9780323972932
Product Format Ebook
Publication Date 2022
Author Information Edited by Robert P. Smith, MD, MPH , Director, Division of Infectious Diseases, Maine Medical Center, Professor of Medicine, TUSM
Table of Content Epidemiology of Lyme Disease
Early Lyme Disease (Erythema Migrans) and Its Mimics (Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness and Tick-Associated Rash Illness)
Early Disseminated Lyme Disease: Cranial Neuropathy, Meningitis, and Polyradiculopathy
Cardiac Manifestations of Lyme Disease
Lyme Arthritis
Nervous System Lyme Disease-Facts and Fallacies
Lyme Disease in Children
Diagnostic Testing for Lyme Disease
Persistent Symptoms After Treatment of Lyme Disease
Human Granulocytic Anaplasmosis
Human Babesiosis
Powassan Virus Encephalitis
When to Think About Other Borreliae: Hard Tick Relapsing Fever (Borrelia miyamotoi), Borrelia mayonii, and Beyond
The Role of the Infectious Disease Consultation in Lyme Disease
Publication Date 20-09-2022
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