Lymphatic Therapy for Toxic Congestion

By Margaret McCarthy, LCSP
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  • Describes various techniques which may be used in combination to relieve symptoms cause by an over-loaded immune system
  • Explains how the therapy may be individually tailored for each patient
  • Includes the use of massage, reflexology, homeopathy, tissue salts and Bach's flower remedies
  • Presents case histories to illustrate the range of situations in which the combined techniques can be used effectively
  • Uses clear line-drawings to supplement and clarify the text
  • Straightforward writing style is easy to read and understand.
  • Addressing the growing interest in lymphatic therapy, this book describes various techniques used to treat symptoms simply, effectively, and economically. A series of case histories illustrates the range of situations in which specific techniques can be applied, highlighting the effectiveness of the techniques in each case. The relationship between degenerative disease and physiological malfunction within the body is addressed throughout the book.

    Key Features
    • Practical approach uses case histories to explain how and when to use specific techniques.
    • Well illustrated with high-quality line drawings to clarify the text.
    • Straightforward style is easy to read and understand.
    • Written by an experienced practitioner for the most accurate, authoritative perspective on lymphatic therapy.
    ISBN 9780443073540
    Author Information By Margaret McCarthy, LCSP, In Private practice, Fernwood, Kings Drive, Wirral, UK
    Published Reviews "The rapidly growing popularity of complementary therapies has created a vital need for the book you have in your hands. This volume will become a classic, for it breaks new ground in treatment, integrating basic research with clinical practice, and the reporting of new observations. Margaret McCarthy has thoroughly succeeded in her goal of writing for anyone, patient, physician, complementary therapist, or medical researcher. Case studies are fascinating documentaries of real people facing difficult health problems, struggling to find relief. McCarthy describes her cases with a clear and engaging style, referencing and integrating relevant data from published science. Anatomic terms are thoroughly described and a glossary makes it an easy read for anyone. Her clinical discoveries can help all of us understand ourselves." ames L. Oschman is the author of Energy Medicine the scientific basis also published by Elsevier Science.
    outstanding book! There is much that the established therapist can take and use from this book"Skill Bulletin, November 2002
    book will become a classic textbook in the twenty first century... Written in a way it can be understood by the physician, complementary therapist and researcher alike...A modern day book for modern therapists"Massage World, December 2002
    Table of Content Section 1. Eliminating a narrow approach to diagnosis
    Bioenergy in Crisis: The Lymphatic Connection
    Uncovering the Body's Hidden Language and the Discovery of the Immune System Response
    How to Use the Immune System Response
    Why are the Filters of the Body so Important?
    Why Massage is Beneficial to Lymphatic Drainage

    Section 2. The Practice of Lymphatic Drainage - Case Studies
    Back Pain
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome and an Unexpected Breast Abnormality
    Degeneration of Cervical Spine
    Frozen Shoulder
    Mercury Sensitivity
    Adult Asthma
    Metal Congestion Causing Mood Swings and Reactive Hypoglycaemia
    Bad Skin and a Hormonal Imbalance
    Let the Body Choose

    Section 3. Appendices
    Therapist Exercises
    Patient Exercises
    List of Suppliers

    Publication Date 19-11-2002
    Pages 140
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