Maternal Cardiac Care

By John H. Wilson, M.D., F.A.C.C., F. H. R.S., William Thomas Schnettler, M.D, Adam M. Lubert, MD, Gruschen R Veldtman and Andrea Kelley Girnius
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Heart disease is currently the leading cause of maternal mortality in developed countries and is expected to increase further due to advanced maternal age and conditions such as type 2 diabetes. Maternal Cardiac Care: A Guide to Managing Pregnant Women with Heart Disease is an up-to-date, multidisciplinary resource for physicians and advanced practice nurses caring for pregnant patients with a variety of preexisting and emerging cardiac issues. 

Key Features
  • Offers comprehensive information on caring for women with heart disease, in an easy-to-follow, quick-access format. 

  • Shares knowledge from a multidisciplinary group of experts who are well versed in the team approach needed to treat this high-risk patient population. 

  • Includes extensive references for readers who want to delve more deeply into specific subjects. 

  • Ideal for obstetricians, internists, cardiologists, critical care specialists, and advanced practice nurses involved in caring for pregnant patients, as well as institutions and departments that need detailed guidance on establishing a maternal cardiac care program. 

  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. 

ISBN 9780323824644
Author Information By John H. Wilson, M.D., F.A.C.C., F. H. R.S.; William Thomas Schnettler, M.D; Adam M. Lubert, MD, Assistant Professor Adult Congenital Heart Disease ; Gruschen R Veldtman, Adult Congenital Heart Disease, KFSH&RC Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center and Andrea Kelley Girnius, Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology University of Cincinnati Medical Center Department of Anesthesiology
Table of Content  Unit I: Normal Pregnancy
1 Physiological Adaptations To Pregnancy
2 The Cardiac Physical Exam In Pregnancy
3 Obstetric Care For The Non-Obstetrician
4 Pre-Pregnancy Counseling
 Unit II: Pregnancy of Women with Heart Disease
5 Cardiac Conditions That May Affect Pregnancy
6 Obstetrical Events That Affect Cardiac Patients
7 Managing Cardiac Conditions During Pregnancy, Labor, And Delivery
 Unit III: Specific Cardiac Conditions Encountered In Pregnant Women
8 Peripartum Cardiomyopathy
9 Endocarditis During Pregnancy
10 Arrhythmias During Pregnancy
11 Fetal Tachycardia
 Unit IV: Pharmacology
12 Pharmacology During Pregnancy: An Overview
13 The Use Of Cardiac Drugs During Pregnancy
14 Anticoagulation During Pregnancy
15 Cardiac Effects Of Drugs Commonly Used In Obstetrics
 Unit V: Anesthesia
16 Cardiac Effects Of Anesthetic Agents That May Be Used In Labor And Delivery
17 Anesthesia For Cardiac Patients During Labor And Delivery
18 Anesthesia For Non-Obstetric Procedures During Pregnancy
 Unit VI: Evaluation and Intervention for Cardiac Conditions During Pregnancy
19 Cardiac Testing During Pregnancy
20 Cardiac Intervention During Pregnancy
21 Cardiac Surgery During Pregnancy
22 Cardiac Arrest In Pregnancy
 Unit VII: The Management Team and the Management Plan
23 The Maternal Cardiac Care Team And The Maternal Cardiac Care Facility
24 Assessment Of Maternal Risk And Assessment Of Fetal Risk
25 The Patient Management Plan
26 Nursing Considerations
 Unit VIII: Miscellaneous
27  Pregnancy After Heart Transplant
28 COVID-19 in Pregnant Patients
29 Breast Feeding
30 Contraception
31 Termination Of Pregnancy
32 Infertility Treatment
33 Genetic Counseling
34 Substance Abuse In Pregnancy
35 The Placenta
Publication Date 01-10-2022
Pages 430
Trim 235 x 191 (7 1/2 x 9 1/4)
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