Medicine Morning Report Subspecialties

By Raj Dasgupta, MD, FACP, FCCP, Sophia Li, Darren W. Wong and Hui Yi Shan
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Medicine Morning Report Subspecialties: Beyond the Pearls is a case-based reference that covers the key material included on USMLE and shelf exams. Focusing on the practical information you need to know, it teaches how to analyze a clinical vignette in the style of a morning report conference, sharpening your clinical decision-making skills and helping you formulate an evidence-based approach to realistic patient scenarios. This subspecialties volume expands on Dr. Dasgupta's popular Medicine Morning Report with more comprehensive coverage of internal medicine topics that you will encounter in clerkship and on exams. 

Key Features
  • Each case has been carefully chosen and covers scenarios and questions frequently encountered on board exams, shelf exams, and clinical practice, integrating both basic science and clinical pearls. 

  • "Beyond the Pearls” tips and secrets (all evidence-based with references) provide deep coverage of core material. 

  • "Morning Report”/”Grand Rounds” format begins with the chief complaints to the labs, relevant images, and includes a "pearl" at the end of the case. Questions are placed throughout the case to mimic practical decision making both in the hospital and on the board exam. 

  • Written and edited by experienced teachers and clinicians; each case has been reviewed by board certified attending/practicing physicians. 

  • Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices. 

ISBN 9780323831369
Product Format Book
Publication Date 2022
Author Information By Raj Dasgupta, MD, FACP, FCCP, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Keck School of Medicine of USC, University of Southern California, Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine, Los Angeles, California ; Sophia Li; Darren W. Wong and Hui Yi Shan
Table of Content SECTION 1 Nephrology
1 A 50-Year-Old Male With Lethargy, Vomiting, and Pruritis
2 A 40-Year-Old Male With Abdominal Distention and Decreased Urine
3 A 28-Year-Old Male With Left Flank Pain and Bloody Urine
4 A 62-Year-Old Male With Worsening Peripheral Edema
5 A 56-Year-Old Male With Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome With Nausea
and Weakness
SECTION 2 Hematology
6 A 58-Year-Old Female With Syncope
7 A 24-Year-Old Male With Easy Bruising and Mucosal Bleeding
SECTION 3 Geriatrics
8 An 87-Year-Old Male With Acute Onset of Confusion
9 A 78-Year-Old Female With a Ground-Level Fall
SECTION 4 Dermatology
10 A 57-Year-Old Female With Burning Red Rash on Lower Legs
11 A 70-Year-Old Female With Chronic Unilateral Rash on Left Nipple
12 A 58-Year-Old Female With Progressive Facial Lesions
13 A 79-Year-Old Male With a Fungating Mass on the Left Lower Extremity
14 A 38-Year-Old Female With a Diffuse Rash and Mucositis
15 A 62-Year-Old Woman With an 8-Year History of a Pruritic Rash
SECTION 5 Neurology
16 A 28-Year-Old Male With Progressive Lower Back Pain, Paraplegia, and Urinary
17 A 23-Year-Old Male With Severe Headache Behind the Right Eye
18 A 61-Year-Old Female With Right-Hand Numbness
19 A 21-Year-Old Male With Sudden Onset of Right-Sided Hemiparesis and
SECTION 6 Cardiology
20 A 62-Year-Old Female With Progressively Worsening Shortness of Breath,
Fatigue, and Lower Extremity Edema
21 A 77-Year-Old Female With Worsening Shortness of Breath and Leg
22 A 54-Year-Old Male With Bilateral Leg Pain
23 A 58-Year-Old Female With Recurrent Chest Pain With Exertion
24 A 59-Year-Old Male With Sudden, Burning Chest Pain
25 A 55-Year-Old Female With Retrosternal Chest Pain
26 A 48-Year-Old Male With Acute Shortness of Breath
SECTION 7 Rheumatology
27 A 32-Year-Old Female With Right Lower Extremity Edema
28 A 35-Year-Old Female With Dry Eyes and Dry Mouth
29 A 36-Year-Old Male With 3 Years of Worsening Joint Pain
30 A 55-Year-Old Female With Muscle Weakness
31 A 46-Year-Old Female With Purpura and Arthralgia
32 A 65-Year-Old Male With Acute Monoarticular Arthritis
33 A 22-Year-Old Female With Easy Bruising, Joint Hypermobility, and
34 A 70-Year-Old Female With Bilateral Shoulder Pain
SECTION 8 Gastroenterology
35 A 44-Year-Old Female With Acute Onset Epigastric Pain
36 A 26-Year-Old Female With Chronic Hepatitis B 316
37 A 24-Year-Old Male With Elevated Liver Function Tests
38 A 54-Year-Old Female With Dysphagia
39 A 25-Year-Old Male With Chronic Diarrhea
SECTION 9 Infectious Diseases
40 A 29-Year-Old Male With a Headache
41 A 45-Year-Old Male With Knee Pain
42 A 70-Year-Old Male With Fever and Diarrhea
43 A 30-Year-Old Female With Neutropenia and Fever
44 A 42-Year-Old Male With Fever and Malaise
45 A 19-Year-Old Female With Acute Abdominal Pain
46 A 30-Year-Old Male With Shortness of Breath, Fatigue, and Weight Loss
SECTION 10 Hepatology
47 A 60-Year-Old Female With Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase and
48 A 77-Year-Old Male With Progressive Jaundice and Pruritus
SECTION 11 Endocrine
49 A 49-Year-Old Male With Polyuria and Polydipsia
50 A 48-Year-Old Male With Bitemporal Hemianopsia
51 A 32-Year-Old Female With Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
52 A 60-Year-Old Female Presents for Wellness Visit
53 A 19-Year-Old Female With Oligomenorrhea and Facial Hair Growth
SECTION 12 Pulmonary
54 A 67-Year-Old Male With Sudden Onset of Dyspnea and Pleuritic Chest
55 A 27-Year-Old Male Who Experienced a Seizure
56 A 73-Year-Old Female With Dysphagia and Cough
57 A 58-Year-Old Male With Occupational Lung Disease
58 A 68-Year-Old Male With Progressively Worsening Dyspnea
and Dry Cough
59 A 47-Year-Old Female With Shortness of Breath
60 A 64-Year-Old Male With a 3-Month History of Worsening Cough
61 A 58-Year-Old Female With Acute-on-Chronic Abdominal Pain
62 A 55-Year-Old Female With Chronic Cough
63 A 64-Year-Old Female With Fevers
64 A 53-Year-Old Male With Fever, Fatigue, and Myalgia
Publication Date 11-08-2022
Pages 482
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