Neuroma, Neural interface, and Prosthetics, An Issue of Hand Clinics

Edited by Paul Stephen Cederna and Theodore A. Kung
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This issue of Hand Clinics, guest edited by Drs. Paul Cederna and Theodore A. Kung, will cover a number of essential topics surrounding Neuroma, Neural interface, and Prosthetics. This issue is one of four issues selected each year by series Consulting Editor, Dr. Kevin Chung. Topics in this issue will include: Non-surgical approaches to neuroma management; Traditional Neuroma Management; TMR for the Treatment and Prevention of Neuroma; RPNI for the Treatment and Prevention of Neuroma; Combined TMR and RPNI Techniques for Neuroma Management; Dermal Sensory Peripheral Nerve Interfaces for Neuroma; Brain-Machine Interfaces for Prosthetic Control; Peripheral Nerve Interfaces for Prosthetic Control; Intrafasicular electrodes for prosthetic control; TMR for Prosthetic Control; RPNI for Prosthetic Control; Advanced Neuroprosthetic Devices for Functional Restoration and the AMI for Prosthetic Control; Starfish Procedure; and Lower Extremity Prosthetic Control.
ISBN 9780323794558
Author Information Edited by Paul Stephen Cederna, Associate Chief of Staff, University of Michigan Health Systems Associate Chair Department of Surgery Associate Professor and Theodore A. Kung
Table of Content Nonsurgical Approaches to Neuroma Management
Traditional Neuroma Management
Targeted Muscle Reinnervation for the Treatment of Neuroma
Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interfaces for the Treatment and Prevention of Neuromas and Neuroma Pain
Nerve Interface Strategies for Neuroma Management and Prevention: A Conceptual Approach Guided by Institutional Experience
Dermatosensory Peripheral Nerve Interfaces: Prevention of Pain Recurrence Following Sensory Neurectomy
Brain-Machine Interfaces: Lessons for Prosthetic Hand Control
Fascicle-Specific Targeting of Longitudinal Intrafascicular Electrodes for Motor and Sensory Restoration in Upper-Limb Amputees
Targeted Muscle Reinnervation for Prosthetic Control
Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interfaces for Advanced Control of Upper Extremity Prosthetic Devices
The Agonist-Antagonist Myoneural Interface
Starfish Procedure
Recommendations for the Successful Implementation of Upper Limb Prosthetic Technology
Publication Date 28-07-2021
Pages 240
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