Nolte's The Human Brain E-Book, 8th Edition

By Todd Vanderah, PhD and Douglas J Gould, PhD
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Throughout seven popular editions, Nolte's The Human Brain has accomplished the challenging task of demystifying the complexities of the gross anatomy of the brain, spinal cord, and brainstem. A clear writing style, interesting examples, and high-quality visual cues bring this complicated subject to life and make it more understandable and enjoyable to learn. You'll get the depth of coverage you need with a well-rounded presentation of all key topics in functional neuroanatomy and neuroscience.

Key Features
  • Features highly templated, concise chapters that reinforce and expand your knowledge.
  • Provides a real-life perspective through clinically relevant examples, up-to-date neuroimaging techniques, and superb illustrations that support and explain the text.
  • Features a glossary of key terms that elucidates every part of the text, complimented by 3-dimensional images of the brain and the most up-to-date terminology throughout.
  • Helps you gauge your mastery of the material and build confidence with over 100 multiple choice questions available online that provide effective chapter review and quick practice for your exams.
  • New! Clinical Focus Boxes, including neuropathology and neuropharmacology.
  • New! Integrated coverage of neurogenetics and neuroimmunology.
  • Evolve Instructor site with an image and test bank is available to instructors through their Elsevier sales rep or via request at
ISBN 9780323755306
Author Information By Todd Vanderah, PhD, Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona and Douglas J Gould, PhD, Professor and Vice Chair, Department of Biomedical Sciences, Oakland University William Beaumont School of Medicine, Rochester, Michigan
Table of Content

1.       Introduction to the Nervous System

2.       Development of the Nervous System

3.       Gross Anatomy and general Organization of the Central Nervous System

4.       Meningeal Coverings of the Brain and Spinal Cord

5.       Ventricles and Cerebrospinal Fluid

6.       Blood Supply of the Brain

7.       Electrical Signaling by Neurons

8.       Synaptic Transmission between Neurons

9.       Sensory Receptors and the Peripheral Nervous System

10.   Spinal Cord

11.   Organization of the Brainstem

12.   Cranial Nerves and Their Nuclie

13.   The Chemical Senses of Taste and Smell

14.   Hearing and Balance: The Eight Cranial Nerve

15.   Atlas o the Human Brainstem

16.   The Thalamus and Internal Capsule: Getting to and from the Cerebral Cortex

17.   The Visual System

18.   Overview of Motor Systems

19.   Basal Nuclei

20.   Cerebellum

21.   Control of Eye Movements

22.   Cerebral Cortex

23.   Drives and Emotions: The Hypothalamus and Limbic System

24.   Formation, Modification, and Repair of Neuronal Connections

25.   Atlas of the Human Forebrain

Publication Date 05-02-2020
Pages 648
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