Office-Based Endovascular Centers

By Krishna M. Jain, MD,FACS
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Recent years have seen a rapidly increasing movement of endovascular treatment and procedures away from hospital settings to outpatient venues (office-based labs). New technologies offer enhanced capabilities that make it easier and more cost-effective to treat even complex cases on an outpatient basis. Office-Based Endovascular Centers synthesizes the entire process of operating an office-based practice - from regulation and legal issues through to business models and optimal endovascular procedures - helping you ensure the best the possible outcomes for your patients.

Key Features
  • Provides expert guidance from Dr. Krishna M. Jain, an experienced vascular surgeon and founding member of the Outpatient Endovascular and Interventional Society.
  • Covers all aspects of opening and running an office-based endovascular center, including various models, regulations, capital equipment, quality control, management of safety and complications, marketing and patient satisfaction, and much more.
  • Discusses perspectives of the interventional cardiologist and interventional radiologist, various types of procedures, certification and accreditation, and conducting research in the center.
  • Consolidates today's available information and experience in this timely area into one convenient resource.
ISBN 9780323679695
Author Information By Krishna M. Jain, MD,FACS, Clinical Professor of Surgery, Western Michigan University Homer Stryker School of Medicine, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Table of Content

1. Introduction
Krishna Jain

Section 1. Regulations
2. State  
Deepak Nair
3. Legal issues
Jeff Smith and Matthew Keuten

Section 2. Opening a Center
4. Business Plan
Sam Ahn
5. Building Plan
Sam Ahn
6. Capital Equipment
Krishna Jain
7. Supplies
Sam Ahn
8. Data, analytics and Information Management for the Office-Based Endovascular Centers
Romi Chopra
9. From Hospital Employed Model to Independence
Krishna Jain

Section 3. Running a Center
10. Policies and Procedures
Krishna Jain
11. Billing and Coding
Sean Peter Roddy
12. Anesthesia
Deepak Nair
13. Quality Control
Krishna Jain
14. Management of Complications
Krishna Jain
15. Radiation Safety and Ultrasound Guided Procedures
Enrico Ascher and Albert Pavalonis
16. Role of IVUS in arterial and venous procedures
Elizabeth Gagne
17. Management of periprocedural anticoagulation
Shikha Jain
18. Patient Satisfaction
Krishna Jain
19. Registry
Bob Tahara and Jeff Carr
20. Marketing
Elias Kassab

Section 4. Specialty Specific Center
21. Interventional Cardiologist's Perspective
Elias Kassab
22. Interventional Radiologist's Perspective
David C. Sperling

Section 5. Various Models
23. Models for Structuring Office Based Endovascular Labs
Nick Jurkowitz and Krishna Jain
24. Opening a Center in a University
John Blebea
25. Opening a Center in Private Practice
Daniel Gorin
26. Joint Venture with Hospital
Bhagwan Satiani
27. Wound Care and Vascular Center
Charles E. Ananian
28. Limb Preservation Center
Krishna Jain

Section 6. Types of Procedures
29. Management of Superficial Venous Disease
Edward G. Mackay
30. Management of Deep Venous Diseases
Jose I. Almeida
31. Management of Limb Ischemia
Nagarsheth H. Khanjan
32. Management of Dialysis Access
Azher Iqbal and Asad Baig
33. Intra Caval Filters and Ports
Anil Hingorani and Jesse Chait
34. Other Endovascular Procedures and Embolization
David C. Sperling
35. Cardiac Procedures
Jeff Carr

Secion 7 Other Important Considerations
36. Certification/Accreditation
Krishna Jain
37. Advocacy
Jeff Carr
38. Conducting Research in the center
Laura D. Bauler

Publication Date 18-11-2019
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