Otologic and Lateral Skull Base Trauma

Edited by Elliott D. Kozin, MD
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The first book of its kind to explore this timely topic in depth, Otologic and Lateral Skull Base Trauma addresses the many facets of temporal bone trauma, including its epidemiology, diagnosis, and medical and surgical management, and contemporary research. Ideal for both trainees and more advanced general practitioners and specialists, this text is a valuable resource for otolaryngologists and pediatric otolaryngologists, otologists and neurotologists, and audiologists, as well as neurosurgeons, neurologists, physical medicine and rehabilitation providers, and occupational and physical therapists. 

Key Features
  • Covers the epidemiology, basic pathophysiology, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment of temporal bone trauma, including complex injuries of the lateral skull base. 

  • Contains multiple chapters co-written by leading speciality experts: imaging of the temporal bone and brain following head injury (co-written by leading neuroradiologists); facial nerve injury management (co-written by leading facial nerve specialists); vascular injury management (co-written by leading neurosurgeons); soft tissue repair of auricular trauma (co-written by leading facial plastic surgeons); acoustic overexposure and blast injury management (co-written by leading experts in noise-induced hearing loss); rehabilitation following head trauma (co-written by leading physical medicine and rehabilitation providers, occupational therapists, and physical therapists) and more. 

  • Includes detailed coverage of labyrinthine concussion diagnosis and management, medical and surgical management of temporal bone fractures, conductive and sensorineural hearing loss and rehabilitation after head injury, balance disturbance after head injury, and much more. 

  • Discusses animal models of head injury and current research, with a focus on the auditory system. 

  • Consolidates today's available information on this timely topic into a single, convenient resource. 

ISBN 9780323874823
Product Format Book
Publication Date 2023
Author Information Edited by Elliott D. Kozin, MD, Department of Otolaryngology Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
Table of Content 1 Epidemiology of Otologic and Lateral Skull Base Injury in the United States
2 Pathophysiology of Auditory Dysfunction Following Head Injury
3 Imaging of the Temporal Bone and Lateral Skull Base Following Head Injury
4 Labyrinthine Concussion: Diagnosis and Management
5 Temporal Bone Fractures: Diagnosis and Management
6 Facial Nerve Injury following Temporal Bone Fracture: Diagnosis and Management
7 Cerebrospinal Fluid Leak following Temporal Bone Fracture: Diagnosis and Management
8 Neurosurgical Management of Lateral Skull Base Trauma
9 Vascular Injury following Lateral Skull Base Trauma: Diagnosis and Management
10 Conductive Hearing loss After Head Injury: Diagnosis and Management
11 Diagnosis and Management of Sensorineural Hearing loss After Temporal Bone Fractures
12 Soft Tissue Repair of Auricular Trauma
13 Physiology of Acoustic Blast Injury
14 Acute and Chronic Management of Otologic Blast Injury
15 Management of Pediatric Otologic Trauma
16 Pediatric Vestibular Dysfunction Following Head Injury: Diagnosis and Management
17 Adult Vestibular Dysfunction following Head Injury: Diagnosis and Management
18 Barotrauma: Diagnosis and Management
19 Vestibular Rehabilitation following Head Injury
Publication Date 01-03-2023
Pages 240
Trim 235 x 191 (7 1/2 x 9 1/4)
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