Edited by Delva Shamley, BSc(Hons), Physiotherapy, BSc(Medicine), PhD(Medical Cell Biology), Cert Ed
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* a physiology textbook specific to physiotherapists
* wholly addresses the requirements of occupational therapy and physiotherapy clinicians
* includes key points and summaries
This book addresses key topics essential to pathophysiology, written especially for physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other rehabilitation professionals. Each chapter provides fundamental descriptions of diseases followed by current knowledge on the cellular and molecular mechanisms responsible for disease processes. Coverage focuses on the knowledge and skills required for successful patient care in the clinical environment, with specific chapters on muscle, nerve, and the pathophysiological effects of movement, immobility, and aging.

Key Features
  • Physiology material presented is particularly relevant to physical therapists and other rehabilitation professionals.
  • Content thoroughly addresses the requirements of occupational therapy and physical therapy clinicians
  • Key points and summaries make the information accessible and easy to follow.
  • Current evidence is presented on the biological basis of disease, and biological processes are linked to clinical manifestations and therapeutic management.
  • Easy-to-follow flow charts summarize disease processes.
  • Lists of journal articles and texts direct the reader to sources for more in-depth information.
  • Radiographs, scans, and photographs illustrate disease processes.
ISBN 9780750652346
Author Information Edited by Delva Shamley, BSc(Hons), Physiotherapy, BSc(Medicine), PhD(Medical Cell Biology), Cert Ed, Directer, Clinical Research Center, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, Western Cape Province, South Africa
Published Reviews "What I like about this text is the way it tailors the relevant aspects of pathophysiology towards its target audience.

The book is well presented with a plethora of relevant diagrams and tables. It is well suited to students and qualified practitioners alike. Reading this book will go a long way in understanding various conditions, how the body deals with them and how our treatment can influence rehabilitation”

In Touch, Summer 2007, No. 119.
Table of Content Section 1: An Introduction to Disease Processes
Chapter 1: Inflammation, Wounds and Wound Healing
Chapter 2: The Immune System
Chapter 3
Part 1: Malignant Neoplasms
Part 2: Radiation Injury to Normal Tissues
Chapter 4: Endocrinology

Section 2: Altered Mobility and Immobility
Chapter 5: Muscle and Connective Tissue - Key Concepts for Rehabilitation
Chapter 6: Muscle Disorders
Chapter 7: Bone and Joint Disorders
Chapter 8: Movement and Immobility
Chapter 9: Altered Exercise Tolerance
Part 1: Cardiovascular Rehabilitation
Part 2: Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Section 3: Pregnancy
Chapter 10: Physiology of Pregnancy

Section 4: Disorders of the Systems
Chapter 11: The Nervous System
Part 1: The Pathophysiology of Pain
Part 2: The Central Nervous System
Part 3: The Peripheral Nervous System
Part 4: Nervous System Reorganization Following Injury
Chapter 12: The Circulatory System
Part 1: Cardiovascular Disorders
Part 2: Blood and Haemodynamic Disorders
Chapter 13: The Respiratory System
Chapter 14: The Urinary System
Part 1: The Renal System
Part 2: The Overactive Bladder

Section 5: Pharmacology
Chapter 15: Normal Drug Action
Chapter 16: Substance Abuse
Part 1: Drug Toxicity and Overdose
Part 2: Drug Abuse and Dependence
Publication Date 03-10-2005
Pages 452
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