Perinatal Mental Health, An Issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics

By Constance Guille and Roger Newman
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With collaboration of Dr. William Rayburn, Consulting Editor, Drs. Guille and Newman have created a state-of-the art issue that examines the mental health of pregnant women and those planning to become pregnant. Expert authors have contributed current clinical reviews on the following topics: Identification and treatment of peripartum anxiety disorders;  Non-pharmacological treatments for peripartum depression; Management of opioid addiction in pregnancy (pro/cons of maintaining meds vs opioid withdrawal);  Perinatal sleep problems: causes, complications and management; Impact of pregnancy loss on psychological functioning and grief outcomes; Eating disorders and body image disturbances among childbearing women; Postpartum psychosis: Identification, management and treatment; Working with childhood sexual abuse survivors in reproductive health care; Psychosocial aspects of fertility and assisted reproductive technology; Treatment of peripartum bipolar disorder; Treatment of peripartum depression; Perinatal domestic violence; and Management of ADHD during pregnancy. Readers will come away with the information they need to have better mental health outcomes in their obstetrical and gynecologic patients.
ISBN 9780323642293
Author Information By Constance Guille and Roger Newman
Table of Content

Foreword: Pregnancy: An Opportune Time to Evaluate and Treat Mental Health Disorders

Preface: Treatment of Peripartum Mental Health Disorders: An Essential Element of Prenatal Care

Treatment of Peripartum Bipolar Disorder

Pharmacologic Treatment of Perinatal Depression

Complementary Health Practices for Treating Perinatal Depression

Recognizing and Managing Postpartum Psychosis: A Clinical Guide for Obstetric Providers

Identification and Treatment of Peripartum Anxiety Disorders

Perinatal Sleep Problems: Causes, Complications, and Management

Management of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder During Pregnancy

Treatment of Perinatal Opioid Use Disorder

Impact of Pregnancy Loss on Psychological Functioning and Grief Outcomes

Perinatal Intimate Partner Violence

The Unwelcome Guest: Working with Childhood Sexual Abuse Survivors in Reproductive Health Care

Psychosocial Aspects of Fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology

Publication Date 14-09-2018
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