Peripheral Nerve Stimulation - E-Book

By Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD, MPH, FASA and Andrea M. Trescot, MD
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At last-a single, convenient reference on this interventional pain management technique, covering all recent advances in this fast-changing field. Peripheral Nerve Stimulation: A Comprehensive Guide is a one-stop resource offering practical guidance on performing a wide array of pain-relieving procedures using office-based ultrasound-guided techniques, fluoroscopy, and more. Concise and user-friendly, this easy-to-use guide helps physicians deliver safe, accurate, and cost-effective care by demonstrating how to evaluate the causes of pain, identify the most promising stimulation technique, locate the site with precision, and provide effective pain relief. 

Key Features
  • Offers clear guidance on peripheral nerve stimulation procedures for patients with chronic pain, incorporating all clinically useful imaging modalities. 

  • Illustrates the anatomical targets for each procedure and the appropriate placement of wireless micro devices. 

  • Presents information in an easy-to-follow, consistent format: anatomy; diagnosis by history, exam, imaging, and diagnostic block; indications for PNS; contraindications for PNS; and techniques. 

  • Provides superb visual guidance with clinically relevant anatomic drawings, color line drawings, clinical photographs, and ultrasound images. 

  • Discusses the risks and benefits of each procedure, highlights potential pitfalls, and offers clinical pearls on how to avoid them. 

ISBN 9780323830089
Author Information By Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD, MPH, FASA, Medical Director, UW Pain Clinic, Division Chief, Chronic Pain Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Medison, Madison, Wisconsin and Andrea M. Trescot, MD, The Pain and Headache Center, Eagle River, Alaska
Table of Content Front Matter
1 test
1 History of peripheral nerve stimulation for pain
2 Peripheral nerve entrapments
3 Mechanism of Action of peripheral nerve stimulation
4 US vs fluoro
5 Surgical tools for pns
6 Surgical techniques for pns
7 Peripheral nerve stimulation education and psychological evaluation
8 Occipital nerve stimulation
9 Trigeminal nerve pns
10 The Sphenopalatine Ganglion: Associated Illnesses and Therapeutic Modalities
12 Brachial plexus
13 Ulnar nerve
14 Median nerve
15 Radial nerve
16 Intercostal nerves
17 Ilioinguinal/iliohyppogastric nerve
18 Genitofemoral nerve
19 Superior cluneal nerve
20 Middle cluneal nerve
21 Inferior cluneal nerve
22 Pudendal nerve
23 Posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
23 Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
24 Femoral nerve
25 Sciatic nerve
26 Genicular nerves/IPS
27 Peroneal nerves
28 Saphenous nerve
29 Posterior tibial nerve
30 Sural nerve
31 Hip/gluteal
32 Headache/craniofacial stimulation
33 CRPS stimulation
34 PHN stimulation
35 Low back pain stimulation
36 Pelvic stimulation
37 Phantom limb pain stimulation
38 Peripheral neuropathy stimulation
39 Overactive bladder
40 Gastric stimulation
41 Motor stimulation
42 Vagal stimulation
Publication Date 03-09-2022
Pages 380
Trim 276 x 216 (8 1/2 x 10 7/8)
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