Practice Knowledge & Expertise Health Prof

By Joy Higgs, AM, PhD, MHPEd, BSc, PFHEA and Angie Titchen, DPhil(Oxon), MSc, MCSP
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* Brings the modern practitioner completely up to date with trends and developments in the field
* Relates theoretical examples to professional practice
* Explores how professional knowledge and expertise can be developed
Informative, analytical and stimulating, this book examines the relationship between professional knowledge and clinical practice.
ISBN 9780750646888
Author Information By Joy Higgs, AM, PhD, MHPEd, BSc, PFHEA, Professor in Higher Education, Charles Sturt University, Sydney, Australia and Angie Titchen, DPhil(Oxon), MSc, MCSP, Senior Research and Development Fellow, Royal College of Nursing Institute, Oxford, UK; Honorary Research Associate, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Table of Content Section One - Knowledge and Practice: Professional practice and knowledge; The knower, the knowing and the known: Threads in the woven tapestries of knowledge; Social and cultural perspectives on professional knowledge and expertise; Integrating knowledge and practice in medicine; The nature of professional craft knowledge; Professionalization and professional craft knowledge; Explicating, creating and validating professional craft knowledge; Section Two - Professional Craft Knowledge and Expertise: Professional expertise; Skilled companionship in professional practice; Critical companionship: A conceptual framework for developing expertise; Personal frames of reference in professional practice; Patient-centred practice: An emerging focus for nursing expertise; Acting and the limits of professional craft knowledge; Professional practice: Artistry and connoisseurship; Section Three - Practice Knowledge in Action: Reflection as a tool for exploring professional practice knowledge and expertise; Facilitating the acquisition of craft knowledge through supported reflection; Using reflective group supervision to enhance practice knowledge; Professional craft knowledge and ethical decision making; Transferring professional craft knowledge across cultural contexts; Learning together: Fostering professional craft knowledge development in clinical placements; Facilitating the development of professional craft knowledge; Professional craft knowledge and curricula: what are really teaching?; Using practical knowledge of the creative arts to foster learning; Research knowledge: mastery and mystery; Research and professional craft knowledge; Professional craft knowledge and power relationships; Section Four - Reflections: A dynamic framework for the enhancement of health professional practice in an uncertain world: the practice-knowledge interface
Publication Date 10-04-2001
Pages 252
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