Rehabilitation for Traumatic Brain Injury

By Maggie Campbell
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  • Defines the role of the therapist within the rehabilitation team
  • Stresses the need to understand the ongoing nature of rehabilitation beyond the acute care phase
  • Highlights the impact upon the clients and their families of the non-physical and often less obvious deficits resulting from brain injury
  • Provides a source of ideas for more effective rehabilitation management
  • Raises issues to stimulate wider debate
  • This textbook is designed for those who have head-injured clients as part of their caseload, but have little or no specialist training or experience in this area. In other words, those who work outside of specialist units. It aims to help the reader to develop a deeper understanding of the pathology and effects of any significant traumatic insult to the brain. The emphasis is on the long-term and continuing deficits of these clients which require ongoing rehabilitation, rather than on the acute, immediate post-injury aspects of care which are usually dealt with in special units. The content focuses on the general principles and issues involved rather than on the clinical details of care. It will help give those working in this area an understanding of the importance of their role in the ongoing rehabilitation process.
    ISBN 9780443061318
    Author Information By Maggie Campbell, MCSP, SRP, Research Physiotherapist NHS Trent; formerly Lead Clinician Physiotherapist, Head Injury Rehabilitation Centre, Sheffield, UK
    Table of Content Abbreviations. About This Book. Section 1: Setting the Context. Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury. Understanding the Impact of the Traumatic Event and the Influence of Life Context. Section 2: The Assessment Process. Initial Considerations in the Process of Assessment. Understanding and Contributing to the Global Assessment. Sensorimotor Assessment. Defining Goals for Intervention. Section 3. Designing Interventions. Applying Neurophysiotherapeutic Principles. Cognitive, Behavioural and Individual Influences in Programme Design. Section 4: Service Provision. Policy, Planning and Proactive Management. Index.
    Publication Date 09-08-2000
    Pages 272
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