The Hip and Pelvis - EBook

Edited by Steven D. Waldman, MD, JD
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Linking theory to practice through the use of authentic clinical cases, Dr. Steven D. Waldman's Pain Medicine: A Case-Based Learning Series helps readers acquire the valuable skill of effective diagnostic thinking in daily practice. The Hip and Pelvis volume uses an in-depth case format, preparing you to correctly analyze clinical vignettes and formulate a clinically sound, evidence-based approach to realistic patient scenarios. This highly effective leaning and assessment tool provides practical clinical insights into the best methods for diagnosis and treatment for the successful management of patients with hip and pelvis-related pain.

ISBN 9780323762984
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1         Addie Brooks: A 52-year-old Female with right hip and groin pain
2         Sandy Brooks: A 69-year-old Female with Left Hip and Groin Pain
3         Beth Nash: A 25-year-old Female with right groin pain
4         Bob Hamilton: A 42-year-old Male with Numbness in the Lateral Thigh
5         Becky Hanna: A 27-year-old Female with Severe Left Hip Pain
6         Carol Kane: A 23-year-old Female with Buttocks and Posterior Hip Pain
7         Jimmie Kaline: A 27-year-old Male with a Snapping Hip
8         Zoey Hart: A 25-year-old Female with Suprapubic Pain
9         Avi Rudin: A 68-year-old Male with Anterior Thigh and Medial Calf Pain and Difficulty Walking Up Stairs
10       Mario Berbiglia: A 72-year-old Male with Medial Thigh Pain Following a Total Hip Arthroplasty
11       KayLeigh McIlhenny: A 21-year-old Female with Right Groin Pain Following a Cheerleading Accident
12       Ashley Stubbs: A 32-year-old Male with a Dull Ache in the Buttocks and Pain Down the Back of the Thigh and Calf after a Fall on the Ice
13       Carrie Matheson: A 30-year-old Female with Shooting Rectal Pain
14       Meredith Grace: A 32-year-old Female with Right Ill-Defined Low Back and Buttocks Pain
15       Buddy Johnson: A 32-year-old Male with Tailbone Pain after a Fall off a Ladder
Publication Date 21-07-2021
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