The Spine, E-Book

By Steven D. Waldman, MD
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Linking theory to practice through the use of authentic clinical cases, Dr. Steven D. Waldman's Pain Medicine: A Case-Based Learning Series helps readers acquire the valuable skill of effective diagnostic thinking in daily practice. The Spine volume uses an in-depth case format, preparing you to correctly analyze clinical vignettes and formulate a clinically sound, evidence-based approach to realistic patient scenarios. This highly effective leaning and assessment tool provides practical clinical insights into the best methods for diagnosis and treatment for the successful management of patients with spine-related pain.

ISBN 9780323756372
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1        Mimi Braverman: A 68-year-old Female with Acute Worsening Neck and Occipital Pain
2        Alex Searcy: A 58-year-old Female with Acute Neck Pain
3        Manny Perez: A 48-year-old Male with Neck Pain Radiating into the Right Shoulder
4        Olga Fedorov: A 78-year-old Female with a 2 1/2 Week History of Neck Pain Radiating into the Left Upper Extremity
5        Bill Miller: 55-year-old Male with a 6 Week History of Neck and Left Upper Extremity Pain
6        Van Nguyen: A 36-year-old Male with the Inability to Feel Temperature Above the Umbilicus on the Right with Associated Upper and Lower Extremity Weakness
7        Elsa Hartvigsen: An 89-year-old Female with Sharp Pain Between the Shoulder Blades
8        Cam Johnson: A 15-year-old Female with Severe Back Pain and an Inability to Walk
9        Dre Love: A 28-year-old Male with Acute Low Back Pain
10      Andy "Axel" Rhodes: A 42-year-old Male with Acute Low Back Pain that Radiates into His Shin with Associated Numbness
11      Doris Chopp: A 58-year-old Female with Right Leg Weakness and Back Pain
12      Amy Turner: A 28-year-old Female with Severe Low Back Pain that Radiates into the Right Calf
13      Carmen Delarosa: A 26-year-old Female with Back Pain and Bilateral Lower Extremity Weakness
14      Declan Mulroney: A 48-year-old Male with Lower Extremity Cramping and Weakness with Ambulation
15      Estella Navarro: A 28-year-old Female with Deep Aching in Her Right Low Back and Right Buttock
Publication Date 22-07-2021
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