Total Body PET Imaging, An Issue of PET Clinics

Edited by Ramsey Badawi, Joel S. Karp, Lorenzo Nardo and Austin Pantel
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This issue of PET Clinics focuses on Total Body PET Imaging, and is edited by Drs. Lorenzo Nardo, Ramsey Badawi, Joel S. Karp and Austin Pantel. Articles will include: UC Davis update on the uEXPLORER; Zhongshan update on the uEXPLORER; UPenn update on the PennPET Explorer; Total body imaging instrumentation design considerations; 3D/4D reconstruction and quantitative total body imaging; Analysis of 4D data for total body imaging; Total body imaging and cancer; Total body imaging and metabolic disease; Total body imaging and infection; Total body imaging and musculoskeletal disease; Total body imaging and cardiovascular disease; Total body imaging and cardiac applications; Total body imaging and neuroimaging; and more!
ISBN 9780323761468
Author Information Edited by Ramsey Badawi; Joel S. Karp; Lorenzo Nardo and Austin Pantel, Austin Pantel, MD Department of Radiology Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania 1st Floor, Dulles Building 3400 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 19104
Publication Date 19-11-2020
Pages 240
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