Weedon's Skin Pathology E-Book, 5th Edition

By James W. Patterson, MD
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Encyclopedic and authoritative, Weedon's Skin Pathology has earned outstanding reviews and accolades from practicing and trainee dermatopathologists, general pathologists, and dermatologists worldwide. The 5th Edition continues the tradition of excellence, helping you accurately and efficiently sign out challenging skin cases in everyday practice, while also keeping you up to date with recent advances in the field. This single-authored text provides comprehensive coverage of the full spectrum of dermatopathological entities, both inflammatory and neoplastic, highlighted by more than 1,200 large-sized, high-quality illustrations.

ISBN 9780702075834
Table of Content 1 What's new in the fifth edition 2 An approach to the interpretation of skin biopsies 3 Diagnostic clues 4 The lichenoid reaction pattern ("interface dermatitis”) 5 The psoriasiform reaction pattern 6 The spongiotic reaction pattern 7 The vesiculobullous reaction pattern 8 The granulomatous reaction pattern 9 The vasculopathic reaction pattern 10 Disorders of epidermal maturation and keratinization 11 Disorders of pigmentation 12 Disorders of collagen 13 Disorders of elastic tissue 14 Cutaneous mucinoses 15 Cutaneous deposits 16 Diseases of cutaneous appendages 17 Cysts, sinuses, and pits 18 Panniculitis 19 Metabolic and storage diseases 20 Miscellaneous conditions 21 Cutaneous drug reactions 22 Reactions to physical agents 23 Cutaneous infections and infestations-histological patterns 24 Bacterial and rickettsial infections 25 Spirochetal infections 26 Mycoses and algal infections 27 Viral diseases 28 Protozoal infections 29 Marine injuries 30 Helminth infestations 31 Arthropod-induced diseases 32 Tumors of the epidermis 33 Lentigines, nevi, and melanomas 34 Tumors of cutaneous appendages 35 Tumors and tumor-like proliferations of fibrous and related tissues 36 Tumors of fat 37 Tumors of muscle, cartilage, and bone 38 Neural and neuroendocrine tumors 39 Vascular tumors 40 Cutaneous metastases 41 Cutaneous infiltrates-nonlymphoid 42 Cutaneous infiltrates-lymphomatous and leukemic
Publication Date 19-11-2019
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